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[Enh] Can anyone check my logs?

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I'm kind of new to the whole log thing, so I apologize if it looks kinda weird. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/N4yjB3T61aHVZqJL/

But basically I'm wondering if someone can briefly go over my logs for me and check for anything that I should be doing differently?

I know that there were several times that I let one of my buffs drop for a second or two, but Simcraft says I should be at 250k for my build, so I feel like pulling ~190-200k is a little low, but maybe I'm wrong since I'm not using pots/flasks/food.

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The flask, pots, and food are all pretty big dps boosts.  They will account for some of the difference.  Also, I am not seeing bloodlust in your log, which would account for difference vs Simcraft as well.  I would also recommend reading the Opener section of the PVE guide here on icy-veins as it seems like your beginning is a little rough by comparison.

Hope this helps!

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