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Would like some help with minmaxing logs

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Okay, so those are my logs for mythic nythandra, heroic ursoc and heroic cenarius. My id is in korean but i'm the only dk in the guild so it should be easy to find.


I have the belt legendary and am doing fairly well, but i would like to know if there is anything more i could do to boost my dps rotation. I'm attempting to use the scourge-fishing technique but it oftentimes causes mistakes, so i still have to do some practice there. (Note: i don't have the necklace enchants or top class consumables on because our raid group didn't require them yet, and because i couldn't find a good necklace)


Also, in mythic nythendra our raid leader expressly told us to forget about dps and just focus on dodging the bugs, hence the low rdps and extended fight time.


Also while i'm at it, what trinkets should i be aiming for? Ursoc's paw was something of a disappointment and i have yet to see a an angerboda or cenarius trinket. I have a haste stat stick w/ socket and fenrir, and also have the funds to buy darkmoon if needed.

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