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Weapon Respec Yes/No?

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Hey @ all

One of my fellow hunters in our raidteam is doing poor damage and I was tasked to figure out what he is doing wrong. Looking at the logs I saw that this is how he spent his AP:


There are some things in his rotation that need to be improved but I think his poor damage is mostly due to this. I'm not quite sure what to do here, should I just tell him to get Bullseye as fast as possible or would it be more efficient to respec?

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his poor damage is not due to that. His poor damage is due to poor play. He can keep what he has however he will struggle later on to get 3 trueshot CD traits and the SW focus since he already has 3 points in turtle it will take him until 31 points to get all of his DPS traits. That is a lot. However if he just goes for bullseye and call of the hunter next, and listens to the guide he will be fine as the last few traits don't matter much. 

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