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[Misha][H] <Villain> (1/7 H) LF Ranged DPS and Heals

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Villain is currently looking for a few more key players to complete our raid group. We are currently 7/7N and 1/7 Heroic. 
1st Raid Week. We went 7/7 N and 1/7
2nd Raid Week. First night 7/7 N. Aiming for 5/7 H on second night.

We currently Need:

High Priority
- Heals 
- Warlock
- Mage
- Shadow Priest

Medium Priority
-Any other exceptional DPS not list

Our raid times are as follows:

Tuesday: 10pm EST to 1am
Thursday: 10pm EST to 1am
Saturday (possibly): 10pm EST to 1am

About Villain:

Villain's prime time existed back in Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, where we pushed Black Temple and IceCrown Citadel along with the top server guilds at the time. For the Legion expansion, we are looking to reclaim that status and progress through content as quickly as we can. We border somewhere between a hardcore raiding guild and one that's more casual; we expect there to be a learning process to each new encounter, however all members are expected to show up as prepared as possible. This includes being geared, knowing your rotation, knowing the fight, having flasks and other consumables, etc. We are rapidly progressing through Emerald Nightmare and are excited to see what the next tier of raids has to offer.

What We Promise to you:

We promise to progress through content at a steady pace. We promise to provide a relaxed atmosphere, whether just hanging out in guild chat or joking around over Discord. We also promise to be understanding; wipes happen, repairs occasionally are forgotten. After all, we are only human.

What we request of you:

We expect you to know your class and rotation. Your dps/heals/tanking ability should not be below average. We expect you to come as prepared as possible to raid nights. Show up on time, have consumables, know the encounters. That said, we try to provide as best we can to the guild by stocking the bank with flasks, potions and crafting materials. We also request that in the end you enjoy yourself and have a good time. This is a game, after all.

We are looking for heroic progress, so we please ask that you are geared for it.

If you would like to know more, please contact Loki2w1#1690 or Baphomet#1779 or Kittipat91#1428 , or apply at http://villain.enjin.com/home

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