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Unholy DK DPS Tips

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So im just looking for some tip that some better players might have for me. My damage and dps isnt all the great and was hoping that some others that are good are reading logs could take a look and help improve my dps. Would love any pointers and tips so i can improve as my guild is starting to step it up into heroics. Thanks!



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Without meaning to be rude, your DPS is pretty decent so I don't think you need that much help ;P, especially considering the ilvl you have. According to your logs you tend to achieve decent percentiles, so further improving will mainly be achieved by playing the spec even more. If anything, you should try to have an ideal Talent setup for each boss (Bursting Sores for Xavius etc.). Apart from that, I've read that the Potion of the Old War outperforms Deadly Grace in most cases, so you might want to give that one a try.

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Okay, so first off, the old war potion is now fixed, so take that instead of deadly grace.


I'm looking mostly at nythendra and ursoc here and noticed you are de-coupling apocalypse and soul reaper often. The haste buff applies to the ghouls from apocalypse and is a pretty big deal so keep that in mind. Soul reaper is 45s, apocalypse is 90s and gargoyle is 180s so these 3 cooldowns should make a 'rotation'. Your second gargoyle should be the point you use your second flask as well, and having all three of your cooldowns fit together is crucial for your second damage spike. Delay your second gargoyle as needed but always use all three simultaneously.


Also, don't be too afraid of the mechanics. Use your defensive cooldowns liberally; i strongly recommend using AMS to soak the floor when nythendra is downed, it allows you to continually do dps while mostly just dodging the bugs. Also popping IBF when being damaged or dumping runic power on a death strike or two really help your survivability and allow you to play more aggressively.

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