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Hey there. I've decided to actually do some raid content this expansion instead of messing around. I'm a bit new to all this so I'm sorry if this is a silly question.

I've been playing as Affliction and I understand that mastery > haste > crit.

My question is does it matter if I have any crit? http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/argent-dawn/Zorban/simple You can see in my armory that I've only got 1 item with crit on it and I was hoping to replace it with mastery whenever I get the chance.

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/d81vrZh2wFnRkt3j/#fight=15&type=damage-done These are the logs from my guild's raid last night. I'm happy with the dps I'm doing but I'm just wondering if I'm missing out on some extra dps. If maybe I've invested too heavily into mastery and haste.

Thanks for your time.

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On 10/6/2016 at 7:51 PM, Lockybalboa said:

No such thing as to heavy into your better stats. Always follow the priority.

Which priority should we follow? There's one from Icy Veins stat priority guide and then there's simulation craft where the priority seems to change based on what gear we have. How accurate is the Simulationcraft.org tool?

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The exact weight of your stats is going to change with every item you get, generally speaking these fluctuations are minor but when simmed they will change slightly item by item. The best way to select each item is to sim it vs. your current set up, however this is time consuming and will never result in a major DPS gain/loss assuming you are going after the stats you are looking for. Thus why most people simply follow a stat priority and leave it at that.


Stats make up a fairly small part of your DPS to start with, so going full ham and simming each and every item that comes your way is a huge amount of time spent for what even in the most advantageous of cases will only be a very small gain.


Follow the stat priority, if you're unsure then do the quick math to assign a value to the item, more than that is imo a waste of time.

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On 11/10/2016 at 9:40 AM, dorithunder said:

Hey man,

Can i just ask you if it is an armory bug or do you really have a gem that gives +625 Mastery ? If so, how :D ?

I'm afraid that's just an armory bug :P Those are 150 gems

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The problem is that Icy Veins, Noxxic, and Ask Mr Robot all have vastly different stat priorities.  It's fine to say they don't make a difference (which I don't believe) and if so, they need not be in the guide.  I do believe that fine tuning (simulation of every gear change) stat priorities is a wasted effort, but this is the first expansion where there seems to be no consensus to GENERAL stat priorities.  My suggestion is to look at the top warlocks and what they are using.  It will probably be somewhere in the ballpark of a safe answer.

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  1. Noxxic has always, and likely always will be, totally shit. A non-valid source of information that should be ignored by everyone at all levels all of the time.
  2. "dont make a difference" is strong, but not far from the truth. Stats make up 10-15% of your damage - it is FAR more useful to fix GAMEPLAY over stats. Stats put a hard upper cap on possible DPS, gameplay is what actually makes up DPS.
  3. AMR sims ST, IV looks at most effective. No pure ST build is ever going to be most effective in raid content. Haste is in theory the best stat for ST, but since there is no ST fights mastery becomes by far the most useful stat.
  4. Is there any "top" warlocks playing Aff? Only five Aff parses for M Eye, two M Cen, and one M Xev. Aff is a joke of a spec.

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Use the lock discord...ill link later when home for most upto date info. I do know aff off the top of my head. This is current as of posting

Weighted stat weights :

mastery: 1.25

int: 1.0

crit/haste: .95 (get haste to like 20-22%) and after 4 set crit will be better

versatility: don't get it 


mastery is always best, stack the hell out of it and don't stop. Your numbers will change slightly depending on gear but not much. Keep haste at recommended range then go for crit after mastery

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I don't know if it's relic, trinkets, artifact path or what....but mastery has recently dropped off my radar completely.

Been running simc (latest) and getting weird results (see attached).

In short, it's saying that depending the fight type (patchwek through to hectic add cleave) mastery is never the highest weighted stat. It's either crit or haste. I would, based on previous expansions and SimC have assumed that past a certain point, the return of dps in mastery stacking would diminish, but everyone says that doesn't happen for affliction locks and mastery....it's bloody weird.

Thankfully in all situations versatility is bottom. So at least that is consistent.


affliction weirdness.jpg

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Do you use the SimC addon and import from in game? 

At one point there were big issues with Demo, at least, and not reading relics and traits properly but I think that has been sorted now so it's unlikely to be your issue. 

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Ah, no I use the armory import. Will give the addon data source a whirl and see if it makes any difference....once this long office shift is over.

Thanks Spikey.

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