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Questions related to Execute use for Arms

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According to the guide, "Below 20%, it [Execute] replaces your usual Rage expenditure outside of Battle Cry Icon Battle Cry"

Does this mean that during the Execute phase, all I should be doing it spamming Execute?  Do I need to worry about Mortal Strike or Focused Rage at all?

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From below 20%, Execute basically becomes your new best friend.
It helps to proc Tactician because of the huge amount of rage it can consume, deals a ton of damage and even more when you use Colossus Smash before it. Mortal Strike would take a full 3 GCDs to do what Execute could do in 2. It's incredibly strong - You want to make sure Shattered Defenses and CS is up on the target whenever possible and just keep using Execute at all times.
Essentially. Execute phase is Just for Execute. Just forget about everything but Execute and Colossus Smash.

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In execute phase if deadly calm is not up (assuming you're doing the proper talents)

Its just CS+execute

If you do have deadly calm going then its CS+Execute with FR spam in there for more tactican procs. At 3 stacks of FR you'll do a MS, but once deadly calm ends you go back to just CS+execute.

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