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Travel and forms one-button macro (including affinity forms)

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Hello everyone!

Here is my latest Druid forms macros that should work for all Druid specs in all situations (including swimming indoors). There are two versions, one standalone (no addons needed) and one in combination with the addons LiteMount and Macro Toolkit (or Long Macros) that extend the maximum macro length to 1024 chars. The last one even handles talented affinities. Feedback and questions welcome!

None of these macros includes Treant form, but they handle the current Blizzard bug where Moonkin form can start as form 5 if you directly login as Balance, while in any other situation it is form 4.

As a side note: Travel form, Treant form and Stag form all seem to use the same action-bar 1 that caster form uses, only Cat and Bear forms switch to their own action bar.

Standalone macro, 255 chars limit

This basic macro prefers fast movement over spec form, indoors it first switches to Cat form, outdoors it first switches to Travel Form. Otherwise it will always switch to the appropiate form fitting your current spec, including dismounting directly to your spec form! In noflyable areas it summons a mount, else it uses Travel form.

Because of the 255 chars limit there are several restrictions:

- If you start combat outside of your spec form then it will first switch to Travel form, only then it will switch to spec form.
- Swimming indoors will only switch between Travel form and Cat form, regardless of your current spec.
- No key modifier to summon the Mammoth (shop/repair) mount.
- No automatic talent affinity forms.

/use [noflyable,outdoors,noswimming,nocombat,nomounted]Azure Water Strider;[swimming,noform:3][outdoors,nomounted,noform:3]Travel Form;[indoors,noform:2][spec:2,noform:2]Cat Form;[spec:1,noform:4/5]Moonkin Form;[nospec:1]Bear Form

German version:

/use [noflyable,outdoors,noswimming,nocombat,nomounted]Azurblauer Wasserschreiter;[swimming,noform:3][outdoors,nomounted,noform:3]Reisegestalt;[indoors,noform:2][spec:2,noform:2]Katzengestalt;[spec:1,noform:4/5]Mondkingestalt;[nospec:1]Bärengestalt

Extended (1024 chars) macro in combination with the addons LiteMount and Makro Toolkit (or Long Macros), including Affinity forms support!

This one literally does everything! Not only does it remove the aforementioned restrictions, but it also adds automatic switching of talent affinity forms. On top of the other macro's behavior this one will switch back and forth to/from your talend appropriate affinity form in combat. For Resto druids it will also always switch to affinity form from Travel form or after dismounting.

Last but not least you can use a [mod] key (like shift) to summon the Mammoth outside of combat or dismount directly to Travel form. In combat you can force a switch to Travel (outdoors) or Cat (indoors) form via [mod] key even while an affinity form other than Resto is set.

Unfortunately there is one restriction remaining: Feral's Balance affinity adds a 1.5 minutes cooldown on Moonkin form. I don't know why, but this can be a problem when you need to switch forms to remove snares as Feral, because the macro cannot identify the ongoing CD on Moonkin form. As a consequence you may want to remove Moonkin affinity form from the Feral part of the macro.

Additionally this macro allows to differentiate between using the macro while standing still (summons mount) or moving (Travel form). LiteMount also allows you to summon a random mount out of any clickable list.



Additionally you need to set up LiteMount as follows:

- Turn off the Travel Form mount via LiteMount's options.
- Turn on the Tundra Mammoth' C2 option under "Mounts".
- Add the following macro to LM's Macro: Unavailable option:

/use [nocombat,outdoors,nomounted,noform:3]Travel Form;[nocombat,indoors,noswimming,noform:2][spec:2,noform:2]Cat Form;[spec:1,noform:4/5]Moonkin Form;[noform:1]Bear Form

German Version:

/use [nocombat,outdoors,nomounted,noform:3]Reisegestalt;[nocombat,indoors,noswimming,noform:2][spec:2,noform:2]Katzengestalt;[spec:1,noform:4/5]Mondkingestalt;[noform:1]Bärengestalt


This is the extended macro:

/click [mod,nocombat,nomounted,noharm][mod,nocombat,nomounted,dead]LiteMountActionButton4;[nocombat,noflyable,outdoors,nomounted,noharm][nocombat,noflyable,outdoors,nomounted,dead]LiteMountActionButton1
/use [mod,nocombat,noharm,nomounted][mod,nocombat,noharm,dead][nocombat,noflyable,outdoors,nomounted,noharm][nocombat,noflyable,outdoors,nomounted,dead]0;[mod,outdoors,noform:3][nocombat,swimming,noharm,noform:3][nocombat,noharm,outdoors,nomounted,noform:3][nocombat,outdoors,dead,nomounted,noform:3]Travel Form;[mod,indoors,noswimming,noform:2][nocombat,noharm,indoors,noswimming,noform:2][nocombat,indoors,dead,noswimming,noform:2][spec:2,noform:2]Cat Form;[spec:1,noform:4/5]Moonkin Form;[spec:3,noform:1]Bear Form;[spec:1,talent:3/1,nomounted,noform:2][spec:3/4,talent:3/2,noform:2]Cat Form;[spec:2/3/4,talent:3/1,noform:4/5]Moonkin Form;[spec:1/2,talent:3/2,nomounted,noform:1][spec:4,talent:3/3,noform:1][nomounted,noform:1]Bear Form;[nomounted]Cat form;[nocombat,nomounted,noform:3]Travel Form

German version:

/click [mod,nocombat,nomounted,noharm][mod,nocombat,nomounted,dead]LiteMountActionButton4;[nocombat,noflyable,outdoors,nomounted,noharm][nocombat,noflyable,outdoors,nomounted,dead]LiteMountActionButton1
/use [mod,nocombat,noharm,nomounted][mod,nocombat,noharm,dead][nocombat,noflyable,outdoors,nomounted,noharm][nocombat,noflyable,outdoors,nomounted,dead]0;[mod,outdoors,noform:3][nocombat,swimming,noharm,noform:3][nocombat,noharm,outdoors,nomounted,noform:3][nocombat,outdoors,dead,nomounted,noform:3]Reisegestalt;[mod,indoors,noswimming,noform:2][nocombat,noharm,indoors,noswimming,noform:2][nocombat,indoors,dead,noswimming,noform:2][spec:2,noform:2]Katzengestalt;[spec:1,noform:4/5]Mondkingestalt;[spec:3,noform:1]Bärengestalt;[spec:1,talent:3/1,nomounted,noform:2][spec:3/4,talent:3/2,noform:2]Katzengestalt;[spec:2/3/4,talent:3/1,noform:4/5]Mondkingestalt;[spec:1/2,talent:3/2,nomounted,noform:1][spec:4,talent:3/3,noform:1][nomounted,noform:1]Bärengestalt;[nomounted]Katzengestalt


Edited by Weissrolf
Shortened standalone macro and added German version

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