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Hello fellow dks !

So the bad luck protection just kicked in and I was lucky enough to get the legendary shoulders !

I'd like some help to check if my new opener is okay, since i don't see a major boost when i'm hitting a target dummy.

Pull -7 s : start casting aotd

Pull : Virulent Plague = > 2* FS => Soul reaper => Apo => Summon Gorgoyle => Dark Transformation.

First i'd like to know if i should use SD procs before the first DT or delay using them. Should i keep playing with the Soul Reaper talent or take the Dark Arbiter ? How long can I delay Dark Transformation to match my next Apocalypse ? 

Tank you for your answers and sorry for my English :)

Suffer well.

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using legendary shoulders shadow infusion is a mandatory talent, it will reduce the cooldown heavily on dark transformation erasing that issue from your rotation. as far as death coil goes its usage doesn't really matter all that much from a certain perspective, you  just want to make sure that immediately after casting apocalypse and summon gargoyle you cast dark transformation. so you could spend a sudden doom proc before you cast soul reaper to help trigger runic corruption, but otherwise DC damage is so pitiful that it doesn't matter too much in this case, for your opener, I wouldn't worry too much about it

as far as switching to dark arbiter it still depends on the fight length. dark arbiter is a burst talent and the shoulders further empower that, but its still bursty, so if bosses are dying in under a minute or so maybe a minute and a half, switch, but if you are on a normal 5-7 minute fight, stick with soul reaper. 

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