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wow Pimp Your Bank Alt!

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So you've got the gold and a bank alt, but are stuck on how to make him/her look fancy? Here are some  cool ideas for your bank alt twink!

Bank Alts

You may ask what their purpose is. Easy put, many players hate having their auctions scattered across several characters, which is why they use a bank alt. The second reason is Inventory space. The most typical bank alt will be a Level 1 character with access to an own guild bank. Some players like to take their bank alts a level further, either to show off how much gold they make or just for aesthetic pleasure so they spend a ridiculous amount of gold on bank alt equipment.

Note that most of the gear contains rare (0.X%) drops and other expensive items, so expect to spend gold for your bank alt twink.

Slot-by-slot Itemization - Gear

Skipping the following slots:


  • The only item you can equip at Level 1 that looks aesthetically appealing is Mantle of the Fire FestivalMantle of the Fire Festival, but it requires Midsummer to be up.
  • Other shoulder armor looks rubbish on your twink.


  • Even though you can equip certain necks, they do not visually alternate your character (not even with a buff).


  • To make your outfit look classy, you should definitely hide your cloak.


  • We're skipping gloves.


  • You don't want to ruin your sexy robe with a bad looking belt, do you?


  • They are not of importance as they won't be much visible if you're wearing a robe. You can easily keep the ones you start with at Level 1.


  • There's no real reason to add trinkets to make your alt visually appealing, but if you need any, you'd have to level up your Engineering for Gnomish Universal RemoteGnomish Universal Remote.

Now let's move on to the important slots!


If you're more into monocles there are several items to look for






If you're wearing a robe, skip pants.


  • The best ring you can buy is Eternal Black Diamond RingEternal Black Diamond Ring sold by Haris Pilton. It's even a toy, so it's shared across all your characters. It adds a big shiny diamond ring. Costs 5,000 Gold. It also adds a buff to make you more noticeable, saying "Look at the size of that diamond."

Weapon Slot



All pets with an extremely low drop rate or TCG pets will do.

  • Spectral CubSpectral Cub for example.
  • If you're looking for real exclusivity, go buy a Murky pet that was gifted to all who attended BlizzCon 2005 in person. It can be purchased for several thousand dollars. Here's the achievement - MurkyMurky.
  • An alternative would be Mini TyraelMini Tyrael from the Paris Worldwide Invitation 2008 goodie bag.


Here you'll find some sample appearances.

  • Variation 1
    • Top hat, tuxedo armor, cane weapon, without a tabard.
  • Variation 2
    • Ruby Shades, Formal Dangui, wine bottle as weapon & glass as off-hand.
  • Variation 3
    • Black Embersilk Gown, wine bottle as main weapon & off-hand glass.
  • Variation 4
    • Haliscan set + monocle.

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7 hours ago, HeartsUnited said:

Any pics of this :3

I have added some sample appearances :)

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Nice guide, but, and zero offense meant, this is kinda meh - I mean, sure, if you want your bank alt to look like every other lvl1 or 5 bank alt out there, this is a good place to start. But honestly - we don't need anymore tuxedo'd diamond tipped cane'd bank alts running around - Just lacks originality. Again, no offense meant - I just think you can get a little more creative.

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12 hours ago, Fun said:

Nice guide, but, and zero offense meant, this is kinda meh - I mean, sure, if you want your bank alt to look like every other lvl1 or 5 bank alt out there, this is a good place to start. But honestly - we don't need anymore tuxedo'd diamond tipped cane'd bank alts running around - Just lacks originality. Again, no offense meant - I just think you can get a little more creative.

Feedback is always fantastic to have, whether it is good or bad. Thanks for leaving the comment and I'm sure our writers can look back at it and improve in the future! :)

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