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I Suck at WW, Help

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Hello, I officially suck at WW monk.

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I use all my abilities on cooldown, i get rid of Chi when I need to, I get rid of energy when I can. 

This is Heroic Xavius so for some portions of the fight I was unable to dps due to the mechanics of the fight, but what should I do to increase my overall DPS?

-Get serenity so I can have massive burst at the beginning of the fight like any other class?

-Don't combo all my abilities at once so I'm stuck sitting there awkward trying to build energy for like 3 seconds?

       (Although I try to fit this combo into E.W.F.

1-Tiger Palm 2-Rising Sun 3-Tiger Palm 4-Windlord 5-Blackout 6-Tiger Palm 7-Blackout 8-Tiger palm 9-Fists of fury 10-Whirling Dragon 11-Tiger Palm 12-Rising Sun ) Sometimes I rising sun a 2nd time before whirling dragon, with another tiger palm before that as with this combo, I barely finish in time.

Please inform me on how I'm being an idiot, thank you!

Logs ( https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/QXaFb2d9xMPRHwTq/#type=damage-done&source=4&targetclass=Boss )

Armory ( http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/sargeras/Cannedagain/simple )

P.S. I don't pot, but I do Elixer and use food, no Rune. Also, I don't have really any enchant, just 1 on my legendary.

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First off, Serenity is only going to be better if you are very comfortable with WW and know when to use it.  Second, you have waaaaaay too much Haste on your gear.  Like, 6000 too much.  Try and replace some high haste pieces with Mastery and Versatility.  As for the log, I'll see what I can look at.

  • Overall low uptime on Hit Combo.  You really need to work on maintaining 8 stacks and not hitting abilities twice in a row.  
  • Drop Eye of the Tiger for Chi Wave or Chi Burst (I prefer Chi Wave).  This gives you an extra button to press when you're low on Energy and are tempted to double cast Blackout Kick where you can instead do BoK > CW > BoK.
  • Fists of Fury and Whirling Dragon Punch have the same cd, so you should have an equal number of casts of each.  You're missing a few each attempt.
  • You don't want to delay Fists of Fury, Rising Sun Kick, or Whirling Dragon Punch at all, though some delay will be inevitable.  Make sure you're watching the remaining time left on their cooldowns to be able to use them as soon as they're up.
  • From the looks of it, you never used your active trinket (Ravaged Seed Pod).  Remember that not all trinkets have passive procs and you have to actively use some.

Lastly, you're on the same realm as I am (US-Sargeras).  If you have any questions feel free to whisper me in game (Niija, guild is Noodle Factory).  My armory and logs in linked in my signature as well if you want to look at them.  

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So I'm going to take a gander at this:

1) Your mastery is really low. I'm currently sitting on 40 percent mastery - I think that = 8000 mastery and that's a good cap for 852 (I think anybody hitting 860 might have a ton more) so definitely get rid of that haste. It's so not needed. I'ved 40 percent mastery and 29(I think) percent crit.

2) Is your legendary weapon missing the golden trait for rising sun kick? I couldn't see it in the list (That trait gives you a 1/4 percent increase to your damage from each RSK).

3) For a 857 your weapon is a low level and I think that the pure dps increase on having a 880 weapon for example would be pretty huge. Maybe focus on getting a few more relics and make sure to try get fists of fury on them.

4) Lastly this one is a bit more conspiratorty idea. I feel a lot of players with legendaries jump up very high on the iLevel and then start comparing themselves to players of equal iLevel without legendaries. So maybe you are over shooting with your monk? 

Happy monking.

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I guess this is another case of unlucky.gg. If I didn't pick up haste gear I would still have 810 gear.

My weapon does have the golden trait for RSK. I also don't have a choice for my weapon lvl, I have 2 lvl 830 storm artifacts, and have not even seen a storm artifact in 2 weeks. But that's okay I only need 1 iron and I see those everyday, and have 3 845 irons.

And Orthios, thank you so much for your help, I tried to add you on WoW. Taking the Chi Wave talent so I don't lose stacks is an INSANE dps upgrade. I just tried Heroic Xavius again and I managed to get 265k dps instead of 210k. i still have half the mastery I need, but it's hard when I have a depleted key (people left), and I only get a gear upgrade every 1-2 days if I'm lucky. Hopefully one of these days I can upgrade my weapon Ilvl, I hope for at least 1 storm relic, even to see someone else get one would be nice as well just to see if they still exist. 

Anyways, thanks again, It means a lot for you to take time to help me out. Now I can finally pursue my career as a non-noob dps.


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