3 Man Nythendra Normal Kill Video

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And you thought Mythic progress was short!


Well, the Mythic race was over very quickly and it seems Emerald Nightmare is hitting those "old raid" benchmarks at a much more accelerated pace in several categories. While the first boss isn't quite soloable yet, there has been a 3 man kill, featuring Disc Priest DPS!

Just a heads up, there is some very explicit language at the very end so, as DBM would say, beware.

Something to note is that the kill was still very close to failing as you can see the enrage popping at the very (not when the addon says so, but only the last few seconds) end as the tank starts getting very high damage at that point, so it wasn't quite as big a walk in the park as the video made it seem.

As someone who still sees people die on Normal Nythendra in pugs this video makes me happy and sad at the same time, anyone else have a tragic first boss-wipe story to share?

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Proves how trivial the fight actually is, yet how so many still fail on this encounter is beyond me.

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The encounter isn't hard at all, but the three classes they used weren't random.  A Blood DK was used because of it's self-healing, which lessened the healing required on him.  Then you have the Disc Priest, chosen because of the class's ability to do a decent amount of DPS while keeping the other 2 members alive.  Lastly, the Hunter.  The Hunter is the one that is least set in stone (and you can see that in the beginning of the video there was a Monk on the DPS meter instead).  This definitely isn't the only tank/healer comp that could do this (leaving out the DPS slot, as almost all classes/specs can fit in, though the best options are ranged DPS), but it probably (without trying for myself) is the best.  A Resto Druid or Mistweaver Monk might be able to work instead of a Disc Priest.  A Resto Druid would have to stance dance in order to heal.  As far as tanks go, a Pror Warrior would be the best alternative to a Blood DK.  All tanks can do around the same DPS, but only a Prot Warrior would be able rival/beat a Blood DK in overall survivability/self-healing.  A Prot Warrior + Mistweaver Monk would likely be the best alternative (again, without testing for myself).  The thought here is to have the MW statue Soothing Mist on the Warrior constantly, while throwing out the occasional Renewing Mists and Effuse for flash healing. 

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