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*insert awkwardly cringe tagline*

We are a group of real life friends who all transferred (or created new) on this server. Some of us see each other everyday. Some weekends we will meet up at someones house and LAN for the raid. The core of about 9 of us are all very experienced at raiding and are heavily competitive. We are not in a race to get world firsts or get BiS gear the quickest or anything like that. We have done that in the past and then we just become bored waiting for something to do. The guild is very relaxed and on the smaller scale. We like to stay around 50 members (+alts). A very strong majority of those are on endgame content. I never liked zerg guilds and feeling like just another name on the list to scroll through. 

The raid group is fairly strict however. There have been times where people from our core have sat out on a boss because they just were having an off night or under geared. I show no favorites when it comes to progression and what is holding us back. Basically everyone is held accountable by their peers. If you are not doing a mechanic correctly and you are called out. You will receive a mark over your head. This puts the feeling of "all eyes on me" and you either fix it that next attempt, or you sit out. That goes for things like dispels too. We do not, in any way, do it in a disrespectful or demeaning way. It usually is just a reminder of the mechanic that was done wrong, the mark, and pull. 

What we really need are smart DPS players. I would rather spend time getting you gear than teaching a spec, rotation, or a mechanic. We can however take a tank or a healer and have one of ours switch, that's not a big deal we don't care.


Message me ingame or on battlenet.



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