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New mage looking for advice (dummy log)

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I started playing mage in Legion and been running some HC dungeons to get a hang of it. I wonder if anyone can take a look at my Greater Construct dummy log and see if I'm doing any of this correctly. I think it's in my best interest to know all the flaws I'm making early on to get better faster. I know the dummy log might not be as good as a raid boss log but its all I can provide right now. My gear is mainly blues with ilvl of 827. Crit 51%.



log #2 with 829 ilvl and 52% crit

Note: This log is with Pyromaniac and Unstable Magic although the armory might have not updated yet.

I try to go with the Icy Veins Mage DPS Guide rotation. At the start I eighter get HS with 2 casts of PB/Fireball or I force it with Fireblast after I hit HeatingUp. When on Hotstreak I pop RoP+Comb and go off with all instant casts I have. I drop second RoP pretty much after Comb. During RoP I instantly cast any Hotstreaks I get. Outside of RoP I spend Heating Ups like Fireball-Fireblast during cast-PB. Just before Comb I find myself awkwardly spamming Fireball in hopes of Hotstreak as I dont want to spend both Fireblasts and trying to savearrow-10x10.png Flame On for Comb. I also save 1 RoP charge for Comb. 

Now this is what I'm trying to do. I guess the log says what I'm actually doing. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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Well looking at your logs briefly it seems that you are casting fireball too much and missing the crit windows. When I run fire Pyroblast is usually the highest damage that i have by a good %.

Normal start was rune of power - fire ball and as i was about to finish fireball popping combustion so it crit. Then it was fire blast - free pyro fire blast free pyro (flame on talent) fire blast pyro fire blast pyro. Then you can rune of power again and keep it going with pheonix flame if you want. But for my first HUGE portion of damage there is only 1 fireball. 

Youtube some firemage stuff and see them talk about the rotation and burst windows.

Also I found that if im lagging at all, beit from fps or from internet my fire DPS suffers greatly. So that may play a factor as well.


Good luck and keep working the rotation!

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Start of fights "should" go something like this.

Pre-pot and get your Pyro going at 4.5 seconds to pull.  Fireball to heating up then to instant pyro.  ROP Combustion > Pyro > FB > Pyro > FB > Pyro > Flame On> FB > Pyro FB >Pyro > PF > Pyro> PF > Pyro.  If you do it correctly and timely, you'll get 2 PF off with 4 FB for a total of 7 Pyros.

Then I usually throw down another ROP immediately falling out of combustion and fishing for Pyros.  Fireball to heat up, Fireball, FB during cast, as I cast FB the Pyro goes out instantly and they both hit within milliseconds and grant a new heating up.  Rinse, Repeat.

Using Flame on on CD until you're too close to Combustion being up.  Once I am close to Combustion's CD timer resetting I ensure I have 2 PF and 2 FB ready alongside Flame On and at least 1 ROP.  Then go right back into Combustion burn.

I use PF on CD for heating up until it's too close to combustion and need to conserve.  Using ROP on CD until Combustion is nearing it's reset.

My ramp up DPS sucks, not going to lie.  Sometimes it takes me a few seconds to hit a pyro to start my burn.  Sometimes I have to force it, but I don't like to do that unless I have to.  But, once you're into your burn, your DPS is so high it's fine, just get into your normal rotation and coast to your next burn.


I would not do as the posted above me stated to throw a ROP down, FB and then use Combustion at the end of a Fireball.  You're wasting ROP.


ROP should always be immediately followed by Combustion.  Cast ROP and then just as soon as possible hit combustion.  You should never throw a ROP down then combustion until you are already on a Hot Steak proced Pyro so you have an instant Pyro ready to be used as soon as Combustion starts.


Before activating Combustion IconCombustion you should generate a Hot Streak IconHot Streak. You should also try and save at least one charge of Fire Blast IconFire Blast, though preferably both charges will be available. Then follow this list of actions.

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