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enh shaman stat difference

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I'm torn between using an 835 ilvl glove which gives haste and mastery (384, 542) compared to a 850 glove i already have that gives crit and mastery (678 crit, 301 mastery)

The 850 gloves give 127 more agility than the 835 gloves but i gain about 1.4% mastery using the 835 gloves. is 127 agility better than 1.4 % mastery? i'm going from 69.13 mastery to 70.53 mastery. i know crit is awful for enhancement and i have too much as it is currently at 27%


any insight would be great. I'm leaning towards the 850 gloves just because I think the extra agil is better

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Since the 850 piece actually has Mastery on it, I would keep using that. I would use an 840 if it had both the right distribution and a gem socket, but not an 835. If you have to think hard and crunch the numbers about whether it's an upgrade, it's probably not going to make enough of a difference for you to notice and you should just stick with the one that gives more main stat.

With jewelry it is usually more clear-cut since they have no main stat. I have plenty of 850 and 860 jewelry that isn't worth a damn for Enhancement, but I hold onto it because it might be of some use for an off-spec.

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