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Hi icy :)

Its somewhat easy to be mm hunter, but was looking for something that maybe could help abit more.

was looking at "" Ovale Spell Priority "" ad on

Anyone here know if it any good ?

or just an ad on for noobs :)

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Well there's no magical addon that can suddenly improve your DPS. You could make a rotation helper with TMW / WA yourself or use any of the existing ones, but there's no degree of "any good" here. 


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I wouldn't say MM was "easy".

On paper it looks relatively easy and its easy to be okay at it but imo the rotation right now is probably the most difficult it's been for a long time, but only because there's a lot more to the rotation than just hitting everything as soon as its off CD. If you start spamming everything you'll very quickly find yourself standing there doing nothing and waiting for CD's.


I would say go over the guides and tighten up on the rotation yourself rather than trying to find a add-on that will make it all easier.

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