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less-buttons class (not for raid purposes)

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Hey there, I have a friend of mine who wanted to try WoW but due to a physical condition he can only use his left-arm, at the moment he has a regular mouse but I offered to borrow mine (razer lachesis, has 4 extra buttons to be used on skills).

So our question is, which DPS class can be more accessible/easier to play with just a mouse, we both aware this wont be "efficient" on high-end content such as raids, but he just want play it casualy and if get good control on it, who knows, adventure on some dungeon.

After reading the class guides on this forum, I saw most range-classes have 7-10 buttons to use, only the Hunter seamed to have 4-5, so am I right to assume on this situation, Hunter is indead the ideal class?


Thank you.

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definitely hunter- my wrist hurts so a lot of the time i just play using a mouse, and i have one with 9 buttons on the side, but i can use 6 to do my full rotation pretty much as BM or MM-- and you can set up some macros to help out too, like cast sequence ones, to consolidate more actions into one button


  • /castsequence reset=5.5 Kill Command, Dire beast

youll miss out on dire beast procs, but if hes just playing for fun you can definitely be more than decent as a hunter with a mouse. good luck!

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If you want him to play with just a mouse and are struggling with dungeon content you could try: 


Its very easy to set these up using gnome sequencer, i dont suggest playing with these ALL the time as it could get very boring just hitting one key over and over but in dungeons where you need to focus moving this could help out alot

We had a friend who set the macro to mouse wheel scroll, he could move around by pressing in both left and right click and then just scroll the mouse when he had to dps

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