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[Ele]Help with Elemental Shaman DPS/Rotation

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I could use some help with my Elemental Shaman. 

Here's my Armory info: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/azjolnerub/Naelina/simple

Here are some raid logs (first one is my 2nd time seeing those fights, the second set of logs is the first time I went into the raid): https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/gqtAVMDyL8pBR6nG#fight=1

1. The guild I'm raiding with isn't using potions right now. We're using flasks, lower end food, and cheaper enchants/gems for now. So I know in theory having better enchants/gems, food, and potions will help some.
2. I know my gear isn't ideal stat-wise. I have way too much mastery, not enough haste, etc. I started the expansion late and have been trying to catch up, but other than trinkets, some rings, necks and backs, most of my gear I've only had 1 or 2 things drop and have just had to go with the stats they had, rather than being picky about it (810 vs 850 with bad stats for instance). Or maybe I'm wrong here, maybe I want much lower ilvl gear if it has the right stats...
3. In those raids, I had talented Totem Mastery, Wind Rush, Lightning Surge, Echo, Primal Elementalist, Elemental Mastery, and Ascendance.


I've been trying to follow the opening sequence and rotation suggestions mentioned here. If we were saving Hero for a bit into the fight, I probably waited on my Fire Elemental and Ascendance. Usually though, I would cast Totem Mastery and Fire Ele right before the pull, Flame Shock, Ascendance, Elemental Mastery and go into the suggested rotation.

On trash mobs, I usually cast Totem Mastery, Flame Shock on 1-2 targets (especially priority mobs), cast Stormkeeper, then Chain Lightning. I'd cast Lava Burst/Earth Shock when they proc'd, refresh Flame Shock with 9 or 10 seconds if the mob wasn't going to die quickly, cast Earthquake Totem when I had enough Maelstrom & didn't have an Earth Shock proc, etc.

I know I'm not doing great on fights with movement and it feels like it takes forever for my damage to kick in. It seems like everyone else is already at 100k-200k dps and I'm barely on the board. I have a gaming mouse I use and have keys bound for abilities on my action bar. I know I can also be slow at switching targets - I usually tab target (mouseover macros feel awkward and when there's a bunch of mobs all close together it seems hard to pick one out - but if someone has suggestions, feel free) or sometimes will actually click on the proper target.

I realize Ele Shaman isn't really at the top of the DPS meters, but I'm trying to do what I can and feel I'm falling behind. I try to also throw in stuns or interrupts or Purges when possible, which obviously interrupts my rotation but helps the raid/dungeon overall.

I do have some Weak Auras and Tell Me When as well.

Any suggestions on what I can do to improve my damage and reduce the ramp up time? I generally do catch up on boss fights in dungeons, but I'm usually not able to catch up on AOE trash fights unless it's a longer fight and other than the Ursoc fight in the log from last Thursday, my damage is far behind.


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Hi there, i play elemental shaman as my main. Although i haven't been raiding recently, i have been done some raids and a lot of mythics and I'm actually very satisfied with my dps around 200k or more on bosses with 850 item level(You have better gear then me and your stats are more improved then mine). There are somethings right of the bat that i can tell you to improve. Like precasting your lavaburst, useing Stormkeeper in the beginning before the fight and switching out some talents. For heavy burst you would want to use: Totem Mastery, Gust of Wind, Lightning Surge Totem (personal preference), Ancestral Swiftness, Primal Elementalist, Elemental Mastery and finally Ascendance. But in EVERY other case u would wanna use: Totem Mastery, Gust of Wind, Lightning Surge Totem (personal preference), Ancestral Swiftness, Primal Elementalist, Elemental Mastery and finally LIGHTNING ROD. Lightning Rod is far the best 100 talent on cleave targets and personally i do more singeltarget dps with it on a longer fight (not short burst phases).

Its hard for me to say what you are doing wrong with your rotation (because you are ;). But maybe if i could show you how i play the class you could recognize some things to improve and see some awesome dps ofc (altough spoilers, not as good as Mages lol)?

Any way i don't think that elemental shamans are a bad dps, they do ALOT of cleave dmg and aoe and some moderate singeltarget with good cc (don't forget the cc bro).

Have a good day!


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Unfortunately without more haste the ramp up for ele is kinda annoying :(

So yeah, definitely put out a couple FS dots to get the ticks rolling and get as many lava bursts out as you can. I agree with what BlueEyed said about the talents, I would personally go for Ascendance if I was going to do dungeons or mythic content, and lightning rod in raids due to the length of the fights. 

The issue I have with ele, which is sad to have any since it's my favorite class/spec, is that ES feels underwhelming. Like if all of our resources are going towards it at once, I feel like it should hit way harder. But at higher haste %, EQ actually does more per Maelstrom spent, or so Simcraft appears to be showing. So until ES either gets stronger, or LB hits harder, the damage output from ele is just going to feel underwhelming right now.

What artifact relics do you have? They probably won't change TOO much, but could provide a couple thousand DPS somewhere.

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Taking Ancestral Swiftness helped my haste. Got some more gear in last night's raid (hopefully armory updated).

The relics I currently have are: Whirlpool Seed Ilvl 840, Rage of the TIdes Ilvl 845, and Howling Echoes ilvl 845. Those are the highest ilvl ones I've had, so I've gone with them over others that might possibly have been more useful. Though of course, higher ilvl is useful too.

I know they already did a bit of tuning and upped Ele's damage some, but it still seems low. Of course, it felt that way for awhile in WoD as well, but eventually seemed like it caught up to others.

There are some fights where I'm fighting for the #1 or #2 spot on dps for a little while, then I usually fall to the middle or near bottom of the pack.

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Hi all, im maining the Elemental shaman (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/sanguino/Grimentun/simple). As you will see my gear isnt perfect but its something. The problem with the shaman apart from damage and all that (u can go with Ascendance for burst and Lightning Rod for sustained dps+a bit of cleave) is the mobility. I am doing HC (got 3/7 HC) and farming NM every reset in a day, and apart from low damage it varies a lot due to mobility, I can do 200k+ if I´m lucky and i dont move or do less due to the nature of the fights. Dont worry about Elemental because is a problem of movement (and also a bit of damage). But this is my opinion, feel free to tell me if you agree or disagree

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