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Brewmaster Monk help

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Hey, i'm making this topic on behalf of my co-tank to find out if something is wrong.

Basically, he is getting really disheartened about his performance in raids, he claims to feel too spiky on a few fights. Such as Horridon, Durumu and Primordious , now Horridon i can understand due to triple punc, but i don't see why Durumu and Prim.

Here is our logs from Wednesdays raid :http://www.worldoflo...aken/?enc=kills.....Probably not our best logs Posted Image Was a very sloppy night

Personally i have no clue about Monk tanking, so i don't really understand where he is going wrong(If anything). But in the linked logs he died twice to both Durumu and Prim(Due to Berserk) His death on Megeara was due to a DC so we didn't really take that into account.

If there is anything you can see wrong, or something he can do to improve please say.

Thank you in-advance

Edit: Derp sorry, Link to his Armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/chamber-of-aspects/Zwaffel/advanced :P

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First off, his bracers are not enchanted. He should remedy that ASAP as it is just wasted stats.

Second, while I know of heroic BM raiders stacking crit successfully, the consensus is that mastery is far more useful for smoothing out damage intake. On the other hand, your raid is progressing on normal and if you're hitting berserk timers, the haste/crit build will provide a much needed boost to raid DPS. He will have to figure out for himself as to which play style best suits his and the raid's strengths.

Finally, have him check out http://sunniersartofwar.com/ . It's a monk focused resource that goes in depth into all things monk.

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You don't really have to gem for that much expertise if you have an expertise trinket.

I would recommend trying to re-do your gems. Go with this priority list

  • You will be trying to gem as much crit as you possibly can.
  • Yellow? (320 crit)
  • Red? Is the socket bonus Crit/Agi/Stam? (Yes = Expertise/Crit or if you have too much Expertise go with Agi/crit) (No = 320 crit)
  • Blue? Is the socket bonus Crit/Agi/Stam? (Yes = Crit/Hit or if you have too much hit go with Crit/Stam) (No = 320 crit)
When reforging for Hit/Exp > Crit > Haste > Mastery

This is the priority for the build it seems like you are trying to gem for. You need to try to use elusive brew as often as possible while tanking and use Guard when you have a decent amount of vengeance. Getting 2 and 4 set of tier would help a lot as well.

Now if you think you're just taking too much damage overall and want to smooth it out, then use the above priority but everywhere you see cirt, change that to mastery.

The crit build will give decent survivability as well as give you the highest DPS, you just need to manage cooldowns and such, while mastery build will try to reduce the total amount of damage you take initial and put t as stagger, losing a ton of DPS in the process.

I always refer to a guildie of mine on his alt. We are doing ToT in a 2-night alt group and he plans on keeping his crit build through heroics for 10 man.

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I haven't had too much time to analyze the logs yet, but I did notice in the first logs, the uptime of shuffle was very low (42% on durumu). Basicly, the 20% stagger from shuffle makes up for the lower armor Brewmasters have. If he doesn't have it active while taking the hits, he will get hit for a lot more than other tanks, so that makes his damage intake a lot more spikey.

On the second logs where he had less issues, the shuffle uptime was 87%, which is far better. Tell him to try to keep it up as close to 100% as possible.

About the gear, I'd say haste is a bit on the high side (personally I run 5k haste max). replace ji-kun's rising winds, it's a pretty horrible trinket. I noticed in the logs he has the renataki trinket, that one is far superiour.

Cheers :)

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