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LFM Mythic+ [US - Horde Late Night Runs]

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Hi everybody,

as the title of this thread suggests, I am looking for individuals who seek to run and/or farm Mythic+ (6 and above) dungeons (2-3 chests) on a regular basis. I'm tired of players constantly leaving parties. Pre-made groups are performing horrible most of the time and I'm not interested in 1 chest runs which award like 1,600 AP for 40 minutes of work. I'm a healer.

I'm basically just looking for likeminded people who know what they are doing.

  • A tank who
    • Knows how to pull decent amount of trash and doesn't pull either like a slowpoke or so much that it leads to entire party wipes or total depletion of my Mana pool.
  • 3x DPS that:
    • Can properly interrupt
    • Pull decent damage
    • Are aware of their surroundings.
    • Use their personals when necessary.
  • Be of item level 854+.
  • Flasks and food are a must.

I know that some of the aforementioned requirements may sound ridiculous, but there are just too many players simply missing the most fundamental concept of not standing in fire or have low DPS.

Doing this late night would be preferable so if you're after a raid or simply can't sleep and play till the early morn it's perfect opportunity to gear up in a stable party environment! If you're interested inbox me and we'll discuss details.

This thread will be updated with further information once more members of the group are added.

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53 minutes ago, Orthios said:

How late are you thinking?  Also, alliance or horde?

around midnight server i'm guessing or even later, depends on the group's preferences. Horde.

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