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Holy priest tank healer

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So I've got the thankful role as tank healer in our guild. We have done 4/7 in hc, but now I see the need for even more healing on tanks. I find myself spamming flash heal ALOT since my focus is a DH tank. I've stacked up on mastery, but that is for the dedicated raid healers.

So my question is, since I almost only use single target spells, should I try to get more haste and crit? 


Thank you for any answers ?

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hey there,

i would like to know what your raid is consiting of of healers right now because i am also an holy priest and i also go 50/50 tank raid because we have some good raid cooldown to use and we can heal a lot of raid damage. but as far as more haste and crit goes:

1. more haste means faster casting --> more mana use but faster health. so my question is do you have mana issues on your pulls or do you still have some mana left so you can compensate for your haste.

2. more crit --> better heals --> beter echo of light and if you already have the second talent in your staff (srry forgot the name: the one where if you crit with flash heal you have a chance to heal for 20% more) but this all depends on your mastery and if you just solo tank heal or still got like 50/50 or 60/40 tank raid because if you still do raid imo i think echo of light is still the best there is but that is just me :)

hope this helps a bit


many greeting 


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