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heroes Undocumented PTR Changes and Clarifications

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The Samuro patch on the Public Test Realm has turned the Nexus upside down! Here are some changes that didn't make it to the patch notes (yet) and some explanations about them.

Samuro and the new Brawl mode may be all the rage in the PTR at the moment, but there are a few tweaks that weren't documented in the patch notes. Reddit users with an eye for detail shared these changes and even some Community Managers commented on them. Usually, these changes are eventually added with orange colour in the final live patch notes.

First of all, we have some clarifications about the man of the hour himself, Samuro. Apparently, it is intended that Samuro's clones get one-shot by structures (forts, towers, keeps), obviously because he's an assassin and not a specialist. On another thread, a user complained that Samuro's animations in Heroes of the Storm are not really reminiscent of his Warcraft 3 counterpart. Here's what Cloaken responded:

Blizzard LogoCloaken

His animation is entirely different from what we had in WC3. Nostalgia saddens me, but I realize that to most people, it would just look jankey to have animation planning from nearly 15 years ago.

In addition, I don't know the full scope of the heroes they need to be able to accomodate in terms of physique and silhouette, so they probably have very good reasons for making Samuro animate in such a way to be distinct with not just heroes that exist now, but also heroes in development.

Hey Esmoire -

Was just jamming with the animators and they were informing me that they've tried to incorporate some of his more iconic W3 anims here in Heroes. For instance, if you activate wind walk then activate critical strike to attack an enemy, you will get his iconic double overhand strike.


There are also some good and bad news for Artanis players. The good news is that he received a stealth buff on the PTR, with his Phase Prism being usable during Blade Dash. The bad news is that this buff will probably go live after BlizzCon, since the team doesn't want to make such a big change before the world finals. In general, it was stated elsewhere as well that they didn't want to make impactful balance changes before BlizzCon and that's why the Samuro patch doesn't have any of them.

Blizzard LogoBlizzClaudio

It's not in the balance notes or the PTR notes, but Artanis got a slight tweak on the PTR:

Phase Prism is usable during Blade Dash.

That's right, you can now throw out your E during your Q, which greatly increases the effective range of Phase Prism. And the kicker? A successful Phase Prism cancels your Dash. As in, you don't go back to where you started.

So we are testing this internally, but it is not intended for this patch and will be reverted before next week (this is a big change to make prior to BlizzCon World Finals).

A change like this requires many accompanying changes (even slight reworks to talents, etc, but needs some art support as well) to be properly done. Although no promises can be made about this, we're trying our best to make this happen! We know you all are/have been excited at the prospect of this change.

Sorry for the pump fake everyone, but there's a lot of work left to do on this. Thank you in advance for your understanding! (source)

Moreover, this new patch brings the new Cleanse animation! u/CastIronJ made a gif of it, behold:

The Samuro patch brings various improvements to how XP gains are being showed. As it was observed in this Reddit thread, there is a new XP contributon panel that you can see when hovering over the "VS" panel. In addition, you can now see exactly how much XP you get from killing minions.

Lastly, you will be relieved to know that the bug that allows Nova to apply a semi-permanent slow will be fixed with this week's balance patch. It was just not added in the patch notes.

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I am excited for that Artanis change.  Being able to do Prism during Dash is huge and I think its a great addition to his kit.

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21 hours ago, ghostdeini said:

I am excited for that Artanis change.  Being able to do Prism during Dash is huge and I think its a great addition to his kit.

Definitely could be adding a new skill level to Artanis. I love it.

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