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Semi-Hardcore Progression Guild

7/7 HC and 1/7M, we have heroic on farm on both our mains and alt runs, currently looking to expand our roster to enable steady mythic progression. We also accept cross-server trials as long as they're willing to transfer if they choose to stay with us.

Currently we raid two days a week CET:
Thursday: 8:00PM-11:00PM
Sunday: 7:00PM-10:00PM
 This may change or expand in the future, depending on our core raiders needs and preferences, we also do flex raids, usually on Monday or Friday, where anyone is welcome to join in, provided they put in the minimal effort.

What We're Looking For
Tanks: Back-Up/DPS Flex
Healers:Resto Shaman, Discipline Priest
DPS: Any Melee/Ranged DPS are welcome to apply, particularly, Fire Mage/ BM & MM Hunter/Unholy DK.

Feel free to contact us on our discord @ , via reply here, or in-game. (Airykat, Airyka, Hideki#21219)

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