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After looking at the guide and comparing it to high-end players builds im finding alot of discrepancies. 

For Example

  1.  the enchants - seeing alot more MoHS than claw? 
  2.  BiS 
  3.  Talent - Kindling or Cinderstorm


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Mark of the Hidden Satyr is a larger increase in DPS over the Claw enchant because of the procs.  Claw has a chance to proc Crit, this isn't really a good thing.  With much of us having 58%+ crit, having something that has a chance to proc another 500 crit is maybe 2% crit at most.  Hidden Satyr is a pure damage addition to your rotation.  It adds a big chunks of damage that 2% crit simply can't.


Is 2% crit big?  Yes, it is, but when you're already at 58%, it doesn't directly translate into pure damage.  If you were below 55%, yes it could definitely translate into pure damage but it still wouldn't be enough to outweigh Satyr.


Mark of the Hidden Satyr gives me, on average,  2.34% damage.  Which, on the fight I am looking at translated into 2.4m damage.  The 2% of crit would have only augmented my 34.52m ignite damage by a small bit.


Cinderstorm  is a slight DPS boost for certain situations.  It should, however, never be taken in a raid encounter imo.  Kindling causes every crit from Fireball, Pyroblast, and Fireblast to reduce the cooldown on Combustion by 1 second.  Combustion is your single most DPS cooldown.  If you get it back faster, you get to do it more often and the more often you do it, the better your DPS will be.   We're talking apples to oranges here.

Cinderstorm does, at most, 22,958 damage.  Pyros do 129k+, it's a no brainer.  Combustion > Cinderstorm.


As far as BIS goes, what are you talking about?  BIS should be whatever has the most Crit possible, to be honest. 

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