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Good tank for my first tanking attempt

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Hello everyone!

First of all, sorry for asking everytime when I want to level something, but I like to choose the best option.

So my guild is in need of tanks and I would like to help them by leveling up one. We are a 10m raiding guild, we have just started doing ToT but it's going pretty well. So my question is. Which tank is good for beginners but still viable for raiding ToT10 bosses?

I have never played a tank role before, so I don't really know what to choose. So I came up with few ideas but I can't really decide.

Prot pally

Blood DK

Prot warr

I don't really like other classes.

Also is there any "newb tanking guide" out there? I have read the general tanking guide here but I need more information! Posted Image

Thanks fot your time.

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Hello Enzyte!

First consider what tanking classes your guild already has. All three of them are very good and fun to play, Protection Paladin is probably the most popular in this expansion, as he can save you many troubles in most fights (you can use HoP to reset stacks, so for example you can tank Horridon for the whole fight). One reason you could choose Blood DK over them is the fact that you start at level 55 and you can reach 90 faster :D

I suggest you to have a better look at the Class Guides in the site, and maybe watch some videos on youtube to help your decision.

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I am not very familiar with prot Warr and Prot Pally's myself, yet I am with Blood DK

One thing I would like to point out to you, is that a Blood DK is a very easy class to understand, yet it has alot of variety in Cooldowns and such.

the basic rotation is something any monkey is capable of doing, yet the proper usage of cooldowns defines a DK. once you learn this (and this is not something learned from a guide) your healers will be forever grateful.

One small thing I'd like to add, for you or other potential Blood DK's.


Do not even use two at the same time.

If you pop an anti magic shell, thats enough reduction for its duration.

If you pop vampiric blood, dont put shield over it. It seems like the perfect combo to protect you, but the healing increase (especially glyphed) is so large, you will not need a shield as long as its running. when I pop VB I do like 4 Death strikes to get back to full health.

DO NOT USE THEM ALL AT ONCE, or you will die because you dont have the cd's you need at the right moment.

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