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so as a break from healing I'm thinking of a dps route, despite the terrible queue pain that will result :/

in particular trying to decide between

mage = ranged in a melee heavy expansion, fastest long distance travel with those yummy teleports and portals but rune of power sounds kinda mandatory and mechanically annoying regardless of spec

rogue probably sub but maybe sin i guess,   stealthy goodness, but melee heavy expansion so fewer spots in groups I imagine and I gather they may end up kicked simply for being rogue  (and/or not outlaw) once they do get in.

are these accurate impressions for the current patch? I'm not likely to be doing any progression raiding ever, pvp has no appeal, so just looking for something fun & viable to get through pve world content, artifact power grinding, and whatever beyond that casually.

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If you're not going to do progress raiding, any specc you find fun will do good. All mages and rogue speccs are good atm (some better than others in different situations)

The rogue i do mythic+ with changes speccs from time to time depending on what we need/what he wanna try, and we still do 7-10+

And for RoP, i hated it at first but you'll get used to it and it'll just feel like a dps CD like a trinket, combustion or anything else for that matter.

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As Troels says, if you're not looking to min/max your DPS, you can use things like Incanter's Flow. It's not the best, but it still works fine.

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