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Need tips on what I'm doing wrong.

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Every run I do I'm always around 170k Dps on single target.  Some times I can burst up to 200k if I'm lucky.    It seems I'm about the middle for other dh my ilvl.  There's alot though that massively out Dps me with the same spec. 



My Stats are.  Agility 21,635 crit 38% haste 11% mastery 19% vers15%

In the charts I'm going to post if you compare me to the other dh you will see he always does more Dps then me every fight.  We have the same ilvl.  He has alot more mastery then vers.

I don't know if my Dps  numbers seem right to you guys or not but to me I feel like I can do better. 


Combat log

Character sheet

If there is anything I can do to fix this or talents I need to change that would be great. 

I know my relic traits are garbage. 

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Normal Nythendra:


You have a fundamental lack of understanding as to the rotation and priority. Review This Part of the Guide


  1. 42% uptime on Momentum, this should be closer to 55% and NEVER below 50%. <---huge problem
  2. Only one cast of meta - fight was long enough for two, the one cast you did use was out of Blood Lust and in the middle of the fight AKA the least valuable moment in the fight.
  3. Blade Dance is only cast on single target if you are spec'd into First Blood. Since you should never be spec'd into First Blood, there is never a reason to cast Blade Dance on Single Target. You cast it 9 times.
  4. Chaos Blades was cast almost 1min into the fight...I cannot think of any reason why it would ever be held that long. This wasn't time with opening trinkets/procs and it wasn't timed with Blood Lust and it wasn't timed with Meta...the first cast was at literally the least valuable moment in the fight.
  5. Fury of the Illidari was only cast 4 times, fight was long enough for 6.
  6. Of the 4 times you used FotI, 3 of them were outside of Momentum.
  7. You cast Chaos Strike 43 times, only12 of them were inside of Momentum. They should ALL be INSIDE of Momentum. <---huge problem
  8. In your one Meta you only cast Annihilation 3 times, that is almost 1/3rd the amount of times you should have cast it at least. Also, all 3 of them were outside of Momentum. They should all be inside. <---huge problem
  9. Only two of the four Eye Beams were cast inside of Momentum, all of them should have been.
  10. Only 33 casts of Throw Glaive, this isn't super low but you did sit on 2 stacks a number of times for a number of seconds.
  11. I can't look at your resource usage because Advanced Combat logging wasn't turned on for this log.

I know I just body slammed your playing, but you can't improve till you know what is wrong...the issue is that basically everything is wrong. It can be fixed though.



EDIT: I didn't even see the other DH in the raid. Short version of him is that he is doing a lot of the same mistakes as you. Very bad Momentum uptime, very bad usage of the Momentum, only one meta, zero momentum while in meta, poor FotI casts, bad usage of Chaos Blades, VERY poor usage of Throw Glaive - not only in timing but also in sheer lack of skill being cast, etc.

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Well, doing alot more wrong then i figured, but this is more or less what i wanted lol.
Tear me apart, it will help me fix my issues. I will def work on those points.   Also out of curiosity, should i be using chaos strike alot more?

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If you correct what Locky mentioned, you will be using chaos strike as often as you should.

Outside of having momentum up, your priority is building up fury either with Demon's Bite or Demon Blades.  Once you have enough fury, trigger momentum and chaos strike (Should have enough time for 3 - 4 depending on haste). 

I had a similar situation coming in the first week on raid, and I took it step by step correcting one problem at a time rather than trying to correct everything at once, and it does not take too long to bring it together taking that approach.  There are really two major issues going on that add up to all of this:  Momentum usage and Cooldown usage.

I took this sort of approach, building up from basics to adding more:

Build fury, momentum, dump fury with Chaos Strike.

Next I added Throw Glaive to the rotation.

At this point (which does not take too long, isolating the issue) Basic rotation should be solid.

Then, started adding in the CD's Fury of the Illidari and then added Chaos Blades 

Finally, worked in Meta (If your rotation is solid outside of meta, it should be pretty solid inside)

Broken down like that, it makes it pretty easy.  From there it is just a couple of nuances like when to use blur to reset FR charges, and potentially using a chaos blade outside of momentum to bleed excess fury - which should not happen very often).

The list above looks daunting, but it is a lot easier when you break it down, and just get the concept of:  Outside of momentum, build fury as quickly as possible, then trigger momentum, and dump fury as effectively as possible.

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Definitely going to take this one at a time. Seriously appreciate the help guys.

Last question, As a basis, what dps should i be looking at with my ilvl? 857, just so I have an idea of what to be aiming for.

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I do not really like generic "How much DPS should I be doing" type numbers.   Better to go to warcraftlogs and use the compare function and then you can really see what can/is being done on a fight basis.

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It depends a lot about your core strategy, your skill, there are many factors which determines the dps... i prefer to improve my rotation, my fight awareness and check if im doing better than last week, last day, last raid, etc etc

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So far i have made an improvment, I pulled higher dps in heroic then I did in normal by changing a few things you guys told me.

I know I still have alot to fix.

Warcraft log


Thoughts on that one versus my first one?

Thanks again for all the help guys, this is my first ever melee, i mained a lock for a long time so this moving around and timing things is rough lol.

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