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Vengeance Demon Hunter

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Hello and Good morning to everyone this is my first time posting on a forum and I am looking for some assistance and information on Vengence Demon Hunters. Through most of my time in WOW I have mained tanks and got into the raiding scene around Mist of Panderia as a Protection Paladian and since then have tanked raids with every class you can think of. With the expansion out I have been very interested in the Venegence Demon Hunter because it's gameplay to me seems very fun and appealing but there has been an overwhelming amount of negative reviews on the class stating that it's not very viable, it's an incomplete class and one of the worse tanking classes in the game. As a player who is busy a lot of the day and plays the game when I get the time throughout my day and really wants to enjoy it when I get the chance, I just wanted to get some views over the class and see what some people's opinion on the subject is. Is it viable enough to raid with can I main a Vengence Demon Hunter and be needed or even wanted in the raiding scene? Thank you for listening and hope to hear from y'all!


TL;DR Can I main a Vengence demon hunter and be viable in the raiding and mythic dungeon scene

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