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Legenday and talent choice

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hi warlocks :)

today i got my first legendary as Demo, Kazzak's Final Curse which is nice i guess.
i always use the Hand of Doom talent, and i noticed that when my hand of gul'dan refreshes the Doom on the target
it often reapply the damage of Doom and with less damage because at the same point i have less demons.
for example
with artifact trait Doom, Doubled i can get to 780+k of doom on the target,
but when i have to cast hand of gul'dan the damage it reapply with like 300k damage..

should i change talent so i only apply Doom manually for single target?

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Nice? It's very nice! Not that I have any yet.

I've not seen anyone post about it. Are you sure that it is snapshotting? As all lock DoTs (apart from the weird UA) do not now in general use.

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