[US-Turalyon][A]<Honor> Recruiting for 10 man ToT Heroics

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Who we are:

<Honor> was founded in 2008 with the purpose of raiding in a friendly atmosphere while still having a professional attitude about progression. For 5 years we have continued this legacy, forming friendships and killing raid bosses along the way. We are one of the longest lasting raiding guilds on server

Who we are looking for:

Mature gamers that are not easily offended(our guild is a lot like a locker room, intact with towel whipping), but also know how to focus and get the task at hand accomplished. You must be available to raid on the majority of days(2 - 3 days a week). Have time to look up logs, forums(the ones here at icy veins are great for this), and constantly be trying to improve.

Our needs are a Holy Paladin, but all are welcome to apply.

The current raid days we are recruiting for are Wednesday and Monday.

We encourage groups of friends to join as well, even if your friend is not raiding they will be welcome as a social member.

If interested please apply on honortheguild.com or talk to Druideena in game.

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