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ebon fever vs bursting sores

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Hi all,


My question is quite an easy one to answer to the powers at be.

I switched from Bursting Sores to Ebon fevor a while ago and found it to be far superior for with rushing mythic+ and generally in most AOE situations. I was always finding myself waiting for rune CD when pushing mythic+. the next pack was being pulled and id just not be able to get my wounds stacked quick enough. Ebon fevor deals dmg from one rune and just performs instantly so I stuck with that.

 What I dont get is why most people are using Bursting Sores. well I do get it, but am I right in thinking it becomes >> Ebon fevor at a certain % crit wise? as the higher crit the quicker to stack the wounds.


p.s. I do NOT have the bracers and know this is a clear answer when I get them. but until I do.. is there a % crit that makes it?




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The butt answer to the question is just numbers, damage, and sims.

Ebon fever is a great burst talent for snap killing adds ( i like it in pvp as well, bgs specifically) however, it is too weak on longer lived adds in cleaving situations. As you said you can become rune starved from the frequent usage of it. Busting sores scales with our gear better and fits more comfortably in the rotation, it also has good synergy with our other abilities. Example, on trash you do one festering strike per add, drop dnd, then scourge strike one, all the wounds on each add pop while doing additional aoe from bursting sores. So, bursting sores does much higher damage at no additional resource cost. Nor does it alter rotation in anyway. 


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Alright I'll give you a good overview to this and why you should use bursting sores, as well as infected claw (yes infected claw for mythic+ is 100% needed) so on top of bursting sores just being a really good both aoe and single target abilities offering hardly worse single target than AWS also provides significantly better dungeon aoe when paired with infected claws. 

Your play style has to change when using these talents and that dark transformation becomes a very large cooldown for doing trash packs. Like REALLY big... Because when you dark transformation your pet it's clawing ability becomes an AOE. Yes you guessed it, it AOE applies festering wounds. So lets say you pull 7 mobs, you use dark transformation, wait a couple seconds until you see they have a wound or 2 while your wound up the main target. You then drop D&D SS spam and legit pop all wounds on all targets because that's how it works with D&D. Me and some friends do carries in maw of souls, we pull everything up to the boss(including the boss) and on that pull I on average find my self doing over 4m for the duration of that boss because of me popping somewhere between 80-200 wounds in a matter of like 30 seconds, as you can imagine this cuts literally minutes of your time. That's just what cases where it can be applied there other tons of others.


TLDR Infected+bursting sores in aoe + D&d = FAT aoe dmg.

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