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hen to hold abilities for combustion

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Hey All

So I bang out all the opening rotation for a boss, Then I am sitting there filling in the blanks. I am wondering are their any abilities you do NOT touch when filling the blanks while you wait for combustion to be ready again so you have them ready to go soon as its ready?

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You burn everything you possibly can on CD.  Otherwise your DPS will go into the gutter.

If you are using your ROP with combustion properly, you can do this.


ROP+Combustion.  ROP > ROP > ROP > ROP+Combustion.  You can get 3 ROP in between combustions.  Each recharge is 40 seconds.  You throw it down then immediately hit combustion, and combustion comes back in 2 minutes, 120 seconds. Basically, when you finish your 3rd ROP, you will have 1 recharged right as Combustion gets off cooldown.

That being said, ROP isn't the only ability you need to time for Combustion.  Make sure you're holding PF and FB and Flameon for it as well.

PF have a 45 second recharge.  You won't be able to get many of these off before having to wait on recharges for Combustion as they will likely be on CD still after the first initial burn.  Use them as you can, just ensure you have 2 up for Combustion when it recharges in 2 minutes.

Fireblast is quick and easy.  11 second CD, that shouldn't be an issue.  Flame on is a 45 second CD.  Technically you could use Flame on with at least 1 maybe 2 of your ROP inbetween combustions to get some nice pyros up.  Just make sure it's off CD for combustion.

Your "filling in the blanks" should be Pyro Fishing.  Fireball > Hotstreak > FB > Fireball + Pyro immediately following that fireball cast. 


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