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Arms Rotation after FR nerfs

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Can someone capable explain to me the actual current rotation/priority of Arms with FR having been nerfed and Slam being more actively used?

The long one:

I'm normally a Fury Warrior, but naturally, I'm interested in trying out Arms in order to improve my viability in raids. 

However, seeing the nerfs to FR that hit recently, it is my understanding that the Arms spec has seen some significant changes to the rotation/priority of spells. When I compare the Icy-Veins guide to the current talk on Arms on other forums, I'm left a bit confused and lost. 

From what I can gather, FR is now rarely used, whereas Slam has become more actively included in the rotation. Is this correct?

It seems FR should be only used in conjunction with CS before MS. 

I was almost getting used to doing 3 stacks of FR over the last couple of days, and now I'm just a bit more confused. 

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FR, deadly calm and anger management is still the way to go. Outside of deadly calm your rotation should be CS before MS. WB also counts for the shattered defense buff. You cant to use as many FR as you can befoure MS but NEVER hold off using ms to hit 3 stacks. MS should be used whenever its available, with CS before if possible but if not still use it. If you hit 3 stacks of FR without a tactican proc then switch to slam.


Inside deadly calm, FR, salm and hamstring should be used together constantly. A macro is needed for this. This is the best way to get tactican procs. Then whenever it procs its the usual CS then MS. Always use battlecry when you can. So it should look like this..

Boss pulls..



2. CS+MS combo

3. FR+slam+hamstring until tactican


5.Repeat until deadly calm wears off

6.FR until 3 or tactican

7.If tactican procs then CS+MS. If 3 stacks of FR and no tactican switch to slam

8.Maintain 3 stacks of FR and spam slam until tactican procs then CS+MS

9.When battlecry is up go back to step 3

Execute is similar, but it changes to CS+execute outside of deadly calm

but inside deadly calm you'll do FR for tactican procs, CS+execute until 3 stacks of FR then CS+MS and repeat.


I hope this helps.

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