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[Arms] Good gear, good mastery, good trinket, something I must be missing.

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Greetings folks.

First of all, thank you very much for offering great crew offering generous help, I have been following here since a long time.

For legion, I used here for many information as well, time to time I had great damage output but recently, the difference between my gear's ideal DPS and what I am currently doing got increased significantly. Therefore I am asking the famous question if may I; What am I doing wrong? 

This is the Mythic Ursoc fight that I've been replaced. I did pretty bad job for all Ursoc fights actually but that was the last hit pulled me back to the bench. 
This is the Armory link. I was insanely lucky to get the titanforged Angerboda, I was so happy the day before I got it but it left its gladness into shattered motivation.

I have always believed that there were not that much mistakes on my rotation and I was saying "I need little more gear, little more gear" but I think at this point I have to reconsider every single rat hole I have about what I'm doing. 

Kindly needing your valued advices, what I can do better, what am I doing wrong that I shouldn't be doing.

Thank you very much in advanced for offering great atmosphere and helping out all warriors out there

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Your mastery is a bit low. A 860 I'm running around with 84% Mastery over ilvl in a lot of cases. Also how good Angerboda is is questionable, a lot of RNG involved. Also take double team/bounding stride on most fights. Better mobility is better uptime. Make sure you aren't dumping excess rage into FR beyond 3 stacks when deadly calm isn't up. If deadly calm isn't up and you hit 3 stacks of FR then switch to slam until tactician procs. Make sure not to hold onto CS/MS. Pop them on CD, don't hold out for 3 stacks of FR.

Also once in execute range, make sure out side of deadly calm you spam just it, if deadly calm is up spam it and FR for more tactician procs.

Overall just looks like a mix of your mastery and bad FR management. On the ursoc fight your average MS was under 400k, should be higher.

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honestly everything looks good.. but hamstring no longer procs tactician..  so id advise to stop wasting ur rage on it so u can save It for more slams. u should be able to achieve around 400k on ursoc if u use your rotation correctly and remember FR > slam always b4 3 stacks and Both W/ Battle cry but CS/MS over everything no matter what above 20%.. also don't forget to utilize charge as much as u can say when ur rage starved.. especially after ursoc charges someone it gives u a good opportunity to charge him when he is on his way back to the tanks + decreases your downtime.. finally under 20% u wanna replace slam w/ execute.. PS: remember FR isn't on global so spam that sucker as much as possible.. say when tactician procs, I can norm fit in 2 stacks by the time I get MS off between the CS and GCD

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