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Help with damage

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my damage feels low, my rank on warcraft logs always sits around 60ish and the other balance druid in the guild beats me regularly giving the ursoc normal logs cos its essentially patchwerk

Armory:  Jhaztast- Hellscream

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/XTyvdNBc8p9zZJYM#fight=3&type=damage-done  many more logs on the guild Ethos aggramar

Using the rotation on icy veins guide

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I'm not a pro owl, but I'll try to point out things that are obvious for me :) 

First of all if you want to do dps - don't be cheap. You didn't use a single deadly grace - one potion usualy does 2~3m dmg. So two potions would be ~5m dmg. Thats +10% (or +24k) to your dps. 
Next thing - enchant your neck with satyr. It does ~2% of my total damage by just being there. 2% would be +5k for you. 
Furthermore your back/ring enchants and gems as well could be better. I know that it costs gold, but thats easiest dps you will get :) 

Secondly you should work on your opener. Take a look at what you've done:
How it should have been is:
{Start ~2.5 secs before pull}
new moon
moon moon
2x starsurge and you know the rest.

Next thing is dots uptime:
Dots do quite a large potion of your damage, and require very little effort. You should have 99% uptime on them (you lose one gcd at the pull)

And last but not least (and probably the gratest) thing is ABC. Allways Be Casting. 
Times like these:
00:00:25.564    Jhaztast casts Solar Wrath on Ursoc
00:00:25.564    Jhaztast begins casting Full Moon 
00:00:29.010    Jhaztast begins casting Full Moon 
00:00:31.334    Jhaztast casts Full Moon 

Really hurts your dps. As you have done no damage for 3.5 secs. You must plan ahead your actions and prepare for times like these. Ideally you want to have 80+ AP to cast 2 starsurges while you have 2 secs to move. If you don't - then atleast refresh your dots. Simply applying dot gives you some direct damage on application and delays you the need to worry about it in near future. Even though dot application does very little damage - it's still more than 0. If you have to move for more than 2 gcd - you may want to use displacer, as it could save you time. 

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