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Fluffy Toxic Pandas are Recruiting!

We are an alliance guild on the EU server, Outland, and we've been a successful raiding guild since 2009. We began as a guild called Elite, on Outland but in 2013 we decided to have a change and try Horde on Draenor-EU. We were only there for a short time and realised Outland and Alliance is our home, so we returned in 2015. The guild leader is known as Matt with his trusty sidekicks, Emma and Zoohan. We work hard together to maintain a social guild and a committed and loyal raiding team.

Currently, our EN progress is 7/7 Heroic. We require 850+ ilvl, with 870+ artifact with atleast 23 traits!. Currently recruiting Rshaman n Hpala - Lock Spriest Ret Rogue - all exceptional applications will be considered.

Our raid times are as follows: Thursday - 20:00ST - 23:00ST Monday - 20:00 ST - 23:00ST Tuesday - 20:00ST - 23:00ST

We do require 100% attendance so please make sure that you can attend these days and times every week. If you would like to know more about us, I would like to direct you to our website : fluffytoxicpandas.co.uk Here you can see our Raiding Policy which has just recently been put into place to ensure that our team is stronger in the future. You can also see some of our HFC kills and learn more about our guild.

If you would like to speak to a guild leader about joining, or if you have any further questions about joining then please do not hesitate to give us an in game message. Matt - KINGDINGLING#2528 Emma - Sweetem#2600 Zoohan - Zoohan#2688

If you would like to apply to raid with us visit our website and apply, also please contact one of the guild leaders for any additional

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