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Resto DPS for M+

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I am running Mythic dungeons  right now and I feel I can do more in the fights. Because of  "Guardian Affinity" I am not putting out a lot of DPS; 10k I think. Has anyone run some number or played around with the other Affinitys? In theory if you had a bit of leech and Feral Affinity you could put up some nice bleeds and heal yourself with said leech. There is also Renewal that you can take in combo with this. 

In short is there anyone that has knowledge on this subject(resto DPS)? Or a deeper guide on the mechanics of Resto?


Here is my armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twilights-hammer/Redpill/simple

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When I heal, I also use guardian affinity but can deal upwards of 90k+ DPS.  What I do is make sure I HoT up the tank (lifebloom, rejuvenation, rejuvenation), efflorescence, and then start to do some DPS.  Moonfire, sunfire.  Bear form, mangle, thrash, cat form, swipe x2, and then heal again if need be, otherwise, I repeat the rotation from bear form.  Reapply moonfire/sunfire as necessary.  There are many methods to DPS as resto but I feel like this is just my style.  Other forms include using solar wrath on single targets and lunar strike on multiple targets and to starsurge when you can or feral with rip and rake up on the targets.  Personally, I haven't tried the last two so I cannot give input on that, but test them out to see which fits your play style best.  Good luck!

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What I've noticed regarding dealing damage as resto is that sadly, moonkin form sucks balls. I find it as effective to keep 2 dots up and spam solar wrath than shift to boomkin (which uses a gcd) just to use starsurge (which doesn't add much damage btw). The problem is that if you keep trying to use starsurge you need to keep going moonkin, and waste gcd on that, unless you plan on not healing at all (and in this case, why are you resto ?). There is no reason to use lunar strike if it isn't buffed by starsurge btw, it uses mana, does less dps than solar wrath, requires moonkin form, and doesn't even do cleave damage (I may be mistaken but from my quick observations in mythics, resto lunar strike doesn't cleave ...).


I haven't tried going cat & bear but I'd be faced with the same problem as moonkin form : gcd. It may be worth it though if you manage to stack the bleeds, if you say you can get up to 90k then it might be better since I can only do max 70k (or 100k during bl). I can however see how thrash & swipe could be useful on packs.

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Hi there!

Id recommend going feral affinity. I manage to do a stable +150k overall in a dungeon. On large add packs you can even spike up to the 500k:s, on perfect boss pulls with TW 220k is not impossible. (I am 872 geared. 898 artifact wep)

The trick to do the largest amount of dmg is to hot the tank fully with cenarion ward aswell. Make sure CW is about 10sec from coming off cd. To get this to work you have to cast it on the tank right after a big pack pull or boss has been finished. After you have engaged the pack and it comes off cd, you can cast it in catform on your tank.

Spec into spring blossoms and Moment of clarity. Are you kidding me you ask!?

Nope, with you doing dps in cat form, spring blossoms becomes really good and at higher lvl of myth+, your dps will just simply die if they dont avoid crap on the floor. Moment of clarity is used becouse you will not be having downtime to drink, instead you should aim on trying to heal wih mainly hots and clearcasts to save mana. Flourish is suited for raiding and Stonebark is not so strong with well timed interrupts and stuns. Moment of clarity with feral affi. also gives you 30 extra energy in catform, which is not to be underestimated.

On bosses. HoT up your tank (and dps), throw efflo on the ground.

Pop old war pot > Stealth > Rake for 100% extra dmg > shred x4 > Rip 5cp. > moonfire > sunfire. After this you just keep all your dots / bleeds up on your target and spamm shred until you run out of energy. If extra healing is needed during the opener, pop CW on the tank and continue.

on trash i normally just Sunfire and Swipe. The combo points are used on prio targets

Done correctly, you will get a feel for when you are going to be energy starved and/or needing to re-HoT people. Letting your whole group drop low does not matter as long as they dont die. Dont forget this. If you know exactly what dmg is incoming, having your group at 10% is not dangerous at all. Its abit hard getting used to seeing the group low, but your efflo + spring blossom will heal them up while you are dishing out dps.     Ps. intellect acts as agility while you are a restocat

Happy kittyweaving my resto friends!


Apparently CW is no longer castable in catform with 7.1. Hopefully this is going to change since noting was stated about it in the class changes

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