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21 Roic Ursoc wipes, Top dps, still think I can do better

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Hello all,

First, I realize now that my garrote up-times are hot garbage.

I follow the guide on icyveins for talents(AP,EP), artifact traits, and rotation.

I'm iLvl 862.

I try my best to save finishers for when i have full energy to maximize EP efficiency.

Here are my stats:

  1. Crit: 39%
  2. Haste: 9%
  3. Mastery: 72%
  4. Vers: 9%

Do my stats seem correct?

What is the proper way to use kingsbane? Having a hard time find info on that.

Recount says I can pull around 300k consistently on each wipe.

Beside Garrote up-times, what can I improve? I see other rogues in the logs my iLvl pulling over 350k.

I believe I have the basics down(maybe I'm wrong), are there any advanced topics or special situations that you have encountered?

At this point I'm the top DPS in my guild, but that is irrelevant to me because I want to be better.

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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