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The latest patch removed strings related to an unknown battleground called Blackheart's Revenge

The string were added somewhere in August in Build 19.3. There are three possible explanations:

  • It's either an entirely new Battleground which will be unveiled at BlizzCon
    • Not so likely as we already have a Blackheart's Bay map and this would be too similar. But hey, Cursed Hollow & Towers of Doom both star the Raven.
  • It's a new, revamped version of Blackheart's Bay,
  • it's actually an Arena used in the Heroes Brawl game mode.
    • Probably the most likely option as "A" stands for Attackers and "D" for Defenders in the strings.

Comparing Blackheart's Bay & Blackheart's Revenge

Below you can find strings for Blackheart's Bay

  • UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsBay=Blackheart's Bay
  • UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsBay/Description1=Attack Treasure Chests, Mercenaries, and Skeletons to collect Doubloons. UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsBay/Description2=Hand your Doubloons over to Blackheart or you will drop them all when you die!
  • UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsBay/Description3=After receiving enough Doubloons from your Team, Blackheart will bombard your Enemy's forts!
  • UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsBay/Title1=Collect Doubloons
  • UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsBay/Title2=Turn in Doubloons
  • UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsBay/Title3=Bombard your Enemies

Here are strings for Blackheart's Revenge

  • UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsRevenge=Blackheart's Revenge
  • UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsRevenge/DescriptionA1=Enemies use Cannonballs to fire Cannons
  • UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsRevenge/DescriptionA2=Enemies turn in Cannonballs to Cannons to attack your ship, Blackheart's Revenge UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsRevenge/DescriptionA3=Blackheart's Revenge will attempt to kill the enemy core once it reaches its destination
  • UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsRevenge/DescriptionD1=Cannonballs can be turned in at active Cannons UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsRevenge/DescriptionD2=Loading an active Cannon will fire a cannonball at the enemy's ship, Blackheart's Revenge
  • UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsRevenge/DescriptionD3=Destroy the enemy's ship before it destroys your core UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsRevenge/TitleA1=Stop Enemies From Collecting Cannonballs UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsRevenge/TitleA2=Stop Enemies From From Firing Cannons UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsRevenge/TitleA3=Escort Ship To Enemy Core UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsRevenge/TitleD1=Collect Cannonballs
  • UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsRevenge/TitleD2=Turn In Cannonballs
  • UI/MapLoadingScreen/BlackheartsRevenge/TitleD3=Destroy Ship

What the strings tell us is that there are differences between these two maps.

  • Instead of Doubloons, you collect and turn in Cannonballs.
  • You have to escort the ship to the enemy's core to win.

What do you think?

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