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Recent switch to DB - any tips

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Hey guys, I have been running prepared since release, but finally decided to try out Demon Blades. So far its seems like a huge fury increase for me. Basically the "quality of life" people would mention but I chose to ignore. 

Doing Mythic Ursoc progression last night. I was able to hit my simmed dps for SimC on a few attempts. But just wanted to check in to see if there were more improvement to be hand. Been working on only casting big hitters during momentum and getting more Chaos strikes in. Couple attempts have terrible momentum uptimes though. 

One issue, wasting a good chunk of fury on Demon Blades, most attempts are around 300 fury.

Some logs from last night:

Best attempt: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/DN1Aj7Xv2TZf6WFg#fight=11&type=damage-done&source=26

Worst attempt: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/DN1Aj7Xv2TZf6WFg#fight=15&type=damage-done&source=26

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well im not the best one with logs but, are u not using pre-pot? since i see just 1 cast there. And i see momentum is under 50% as guys says should be at least 55%. 
Not sure if u have some relics with meta CD but in 8th pull u used it just once and u had time for two.


Correct me if im wrong just learning to read logs :)


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Yeah i have a full 4 minute CD on meta. Pretty much every 4 min+ attempt a wipe was called about that point, so didn't blow the second meta. As for the momentum, I think I was concetration too much on the fury generation being new to DB.

One of the pulls i hit pre-pot a second too late so I only got to use one.. Derp move.

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