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Haste and CS

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THe regular haste formula for every spell or the gcd is:

XX% haste = 1 + 0.XX = 1.XX

Casttime / 1.xx = XX sec cast time


you have a 4 sec. window of momentum

the problem is cs is bound to the global cd.

regular gcd: 1.5 sec.

you can downgrade the gcd to 1 sec. but you need at least 50% haste...
the math:

50% haste = 1 + 0.50 = 1.50

1.5 sec. gcd / 1.50 = 1sec gcd

So if you're having a good latency and the game runs smooth, you could put 4 cs into it... but this wouldnt be so easy because you are struggling between maximum fury and the gained fury between it. so you must waste a proc of demonblades or a demonbite gcd for 4 cs. if you have critluck with every cs it could fit into a 100 fury bar and 4 cs ... but i dont think you will reach 50% haste and a high amount of crit.

3 cs would be way more easy to get into the 4 sec window:

4 / 3 = 1.333

so you would need a 1.333 sec gcd for perfectly 3 fitting cs:

1.5 / 1.15 = 1.304

1.5/ 1.14 = 1.315

1.5/1.13 = 1.327

1.5/1.12 = 1.339

so 3 cs in one momentum would match good with 12-13% haste.

correct me if im wrong

just aside said: on wowhead it is said in the havoc guide:

with 23.07% haste and meta + bl up you can reach the hardcap of the gcd which is 0.75 sec.


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