[Zuljin][H] 1/7M Deaths Echo lfm raiders

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=== Who we are ===
We are a guild located on Horde side Zul'jin. We provide a friendly atmosphere with the intent of downing the content and having a ton of fun while we are at it! Have fun most of the time and inbetween pulls but once the pull timer is out, its go time. <Deaths Echo> is currently 7/7N and 7/7H 1/7M

=== Raiding with Deaths Echo ===
If you choose to join our ranks, you'll have an ability to down content at a pace that is fairly quick while at the same time having fun. We currently will raid in legion tues/weds/fri 8-12EST . Since our leadership and core was 13/13M and beta testers, you will have access to players who are dedicated and know their stuff. We have no issue at all coaching someone on fights, helping them improve at their class and at the game in general. A portion of the reason Deaths Echo was formed was to pass on some of the skills we have acquired over our many years of playing WoW to newer or returning players.
What distinguishes Deaths Echo members from other raiders is our unwavering commitment to our core values. Preparedness, attendance, consistency, and awareness (PACA) are the crucial components of a successful raid team. We’re confident that everyone who exhibits these behaviors WILL be successful.

=== What We Need ===
currently need a resto sham/druid and could work in a disc/MW monk

DPS wise we need are in need of a balance druid and exceptional ranged dps. 

=== Who To Contact === 

If none of us are online, please be patient! We will get with you as soon as possible! If you are interested in returning to mythic raiding or starting for the very first time please contact us. I'm confident you'll find this an enjoyable home.

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