Pvp Elemental quick guide :-)

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U always want to focus ur haste. Haste->Mastery->Crit (there is no haste cap)

U always want about 35% pvp power or more.

You always want to have the pvp trinket equipped So u can escape stuns and CC's

u also want to use the Glyph Shamanistic Rage (Activating your shamanistic Rage ability also cleanse you of all dispellable harmfull magic effects) that means like deepfreeze and paladins 5 sec stun.

U should also have your tremore totem ready so u can come fast out of fear.

When u play arenas u should not just use lavaburst and elemental blast, the way u realy suprise the healer is if u hit him 50% in one shot instead of 20% so u need to time u spells and cooldowns.

i know its maby not the most helpfull guide but i tried and im better in explaning so u can join my stream if u like.


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