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Guardian Druid stat priority help please

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I've been healing as resto for my raid team and now I was asked to swap to a guardian druid due to changes in the raid team.

The icy veins guide says the stat priority is Versatility>=Master > Haste and crit as dead last, where as Noxxic says Master>Haste>Versatility, so at the moment a little unsure on which stats to prioritise to move forward.


Also this is my current gear as it stands http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/argent-dawn/Kaitai/simple

Will I be able to effectively tank HC raid bosses with the current stats I have or will I be better off sacrificing ilvl for stats ?


Thanks alot in advance!

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Hello, I highly recommend you don't ever listen to noxxic.

Armor is the best overall stat for guardian so not min maxing and just equipping the highest ilvl gear piece is still a viable gear strategy for tanking just heroic EN.


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