Arms warrior stat weights skewed for me

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I recently picked up my arms warrior and my guild have let me tag along for some of our farm bosses so I've gotten some gear.


Now that I want to set up Pawn and start to SimC my stat weights, so I could figure out gear upgrades and such, I've gotten confused.


Currently my warrior sim with Stat weights:

Str > Mastery > Haste > Vers > Crit

6.12 5.68 4.82 4.28 3.92

They seem wrong, but could it be that with my shit ilevel, that Strength is just flat out better than Mastery?


Also, if I import these weights into Pawn and start equipping 2-3 pieces of gear which is 20-30% upgrades, having worse stats, but way higher ilevel, I'll sim 15k lower, even though Pawn, according to SimC weights tells me it's a upgrade? - Could it be that one item is a upgrade, but after that item, the stat weights completely change to the point where the extra 1 or 2 items I equip, isn't better anymore, due to the changed stat weights?


Basically, is SimC and Pawn shitting the bed over just a few item pieces changed, because my ilevel is so low and it will get better when the stat weights chill out, at higher ilevels?



Pawn and SimC have left me confused instead of helping me.





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Regardless of what pawn says, mastery is king. As much as possible. Be smart when deciding, don't dump 100 strength for 10 points of mastery but its worth losing 10 ilvls for 200+ mastery.

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I'd have some misunderstandings regarding this. I've been sitting on the dummy in the past 2 days way over just a few hours by now and I've switched around lots of trinkets and a few pieces which offer more mastery. To use some specific examples, used 840 ilvl leg armor which grants 500 additional mastery compared to the other 850 ilevel piece together with 932/912 mastery trinkets with aoe effects (for the mastery of course) and it seem that I've been having worse results. Again, I suppose it could be just casino CS procs since it relies heavily on them, but I'm not sure either way. Seems I've had way better results with ursoc's rending paw trinket + an 840 1123 str/890 mastery trinket. Note that I lose 932 mastery off of this but it seems the ursoc trinket somehow fared much better on the meters. Any advice would be well appreciated.

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