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Destro Opener Discussion

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The following could possibly just be a bunch of Bulls***. So if you are no expert stay with the standard opener, it works fine.

I'm also writing this from a raiding PoV,


I recently thought much about Destructions opening sequence without Roaring Blaze. 

As Furty wrote in his guide

  1. Use Potion of Deadly Grace IconPotion of Deadly Grace.
  2. Pre-cast Incinerate IconIncinerate at 5 seconds on the countdown (make sure you are max range).
  3. Pre-cast a second Incinerate IconIncinerate.
  4. Pre-cast Immolate IconImmolate.
  5. Activate any on-use trinkets or racials you have.
  6. Cast Conflagrate IconConflagrate.
  7. Cast Conflagrate IconConflagrate.
  8. Cast Grimoire: Imp IconGrimoire: Imp.
  9. Cast Summon Doomguard IconSummon Doomguard (or Summon Infernal IconSummon Infernal if you have IconLord of Flames and Bloodlust IconBloodlust is used on the pull).
  10. Cast IconDimensional Rift 3 times.
  11. Cast Conflagrate IconConflagrate when available for Soul Shards.
  12. Cast Chaos Bolt IconChaos Bolt (when you have Soul Shards).
  13. Maintain Immolate IconImmolate.
  14. Cast Incinerate IconIncinerate as a filler when necessary.
  15. Continue with your normal rotation.

seems not to be the ideal option to me. 

I actually think the following would be better but I'm not quite sure, so a discussion would be great. I'm also assuming Eradication is talented, because we actually got quite no other choice.

  1. Pre Pot
  2. Inci @5 Sec
  3. With Eradication: CB if GoServ is not talented; else 2nd Inci
  4. Immo
  5. pop on use trinkets/racials if you got any + Conflag
  6. Dimensonal Rift x1 to get the CD rolling
  7. Doomguard (or Infernal if Lord of Flames selected and BL/HT is used on pull)
  8. Imp (if GoServ talented)
  9. Conflag
  10. If 3. was CB: CB; else continue with 11.
  11. Dimensional Rift x2 (move to 7 if short (<15 sec) trinket buffs to profit from full trinket uptime!) Note: If moved to 7. even with Eradication 3. will be Incinerate unless you got a HUGE amount of haste
  12. Get out as much CBs as possible while Trinkets still up.
  13. Should be time for Immolate now
  14. get over to normal Rotation


So as you see I think our opener is highly situational now and there are a lot of factors to be thought about.

I'm quite sure this is far from perfect but a concept I feel to be better than the "standard opener" as we want our CDs to profit as much as possible from any buffs we can get.

General thoughts:

  • Precasting at 5 Seconds is fine if the range is big enough
  • get Eradication rolling asap if enough haste to hit 2nd CB with buff up
  • Not sure if DG/infernal or Imp should be used first, either way none profits from Eradication. I Assume If Infernal is used it's Infernal first and if DG ist used it's Imp first
  • Opener will change with trinkets/racials used.
  • Maybe even prioritise CBs at start over DG and Imp if very short trinket/racial uptimes espepially if you got crit procs, but get them out in the first 25 Seconds of the fight. Depending on how much time your raid requires for the bosses. Experience will help with that decision
  • Only precast CB if you are able to hit a 2nd CB with the buff up und depending on trinkets/racials -> it's a huge load of maths, I would say in most cases with Int, Crit, Mastery or even Versatility bufftrinkrts its better not to precast CB.
  • I don't know why Conflag should be cast 2 times in a row with Backdraft talented, especially when not followed by any CB or Incinerate.

Now that I'm finished I'm not quite sure about some things I have written and was thinking about just not posting it. While writing this post I changed some things several times and got a lot of new ideas. So I decided posting it will maybe start a nice discussion..

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Sounds ok for a BD opener and better than the one in the guide. I normally open with CB regardless of GoSac/GoServ but I do not have any proc trinkets. However, this probably isn't better but capping is not good either and I am a creature of habit. I will try without a few times and see if I still cap. 

I do not pre-cast an Incinerate as I think that potioning at 6/starting at 5 is a little too early for me/my guild. However, I would at most only get one bolt in that time which does less damage than an Incinerate so I am taking another, very minuscule, hit.

I don't dump all Rifts unless it is BL/Hero and then I will I will try to hold off a bit (again no trinkys to think about). Otherwise I keep for movement.  

If I had on use trinkets I would get summons out first and then racial + trinky.  

I am a pretty casual player though and not a theorycrafter so also using your disclaimer. 

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