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T16 Balance 4-Set Bonus

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Hey Balance Druids!

If you guys have not been to the PTR yet, the new Balance T16 4-Set Bonus is "Every time you enter Solar or Lunar Eclipse, the cooldown of Celstial Alignment is reduced by 3 sec."

Does anyone else think that is will not be worth getting at all? Our main goal is to use Celestial Alignment along with Incarnation: Chosen of Elune, and that already happens without this set bonus. This bonus doesn't even reduce the CD by that much, maybe 24 seconds if you're lucky.

I believe that going for off-pieces in place of tier is going to be best next patch(depending on stats), which kind of bothers me. Even if you spec into the new Soul of the Forest I doubt the 4-set Bonus will be more beneficial than off pieces.

I understand it is still quite early in the PTR, I am just a bit curious as to what everyone thinks.

-Mcmango (Azuremyst-A)

Edit: Added spell links.

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many posts on the druid thread on EJ about this.

bottom line is - yes, atm the de-sync isn't worth it - but still much to be changed about our set bonuses (the % to gain the skip with next alignment ect) that need to be dealt with, or last minute changes to the dmg of Treents/incarnation that we will just have to wait and see ...

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