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Help with a trinket I can't manage to sim properly

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I've toyed with Iridar's simulator for awhile but can't figure how to simulate one behavior.

The trinket in question is Moonlit Prism 865.


Azor's BIS reference puts that item low in the list, but it seems to me that, when used in conjonction with Barrage to stack the bonus to 8-10 times, it still allows a time window of increased agility useful for the dps, especially when the boss is under 20% life.

The question I'm trying to answer based on this scenario is : is this item crappy or not ?

My problem is I can't figure how to reflect this intuition in the Iridar's simulation tool, and so, have no way to confirm or not this feeling.



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Simulationcraft isn't my tool, I just wrote a short guide for you guys.

You have to add using the trinket into Action Priority List. You basically want to use it right before Barrage, right?

Add this into Action Priority List right before Barrage:


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2 hours ago, Sennak said:

Well, thank you so much for your invaluable help and contribution.

NP, just ask if you need more help with it.

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