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DPS Problem

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Hi guys, 

I get often complains about my poor dps with my destro warlock. What can i do to improve? 

Here i have some logs https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/htnck1WwgdVQqHMR 


In some logs you can see that i start with chaos bolt thats because i couldnt spend it in time, so i was sitting on 5 shards. my average rotation is Immolate, Rifts, conflags, with 4 or 5 soul shards Chaos bolt and as a filler Incinerate. on boss fights i use my cooldowns after one Immolate because the 2 imps get increased damage from immolate. I do have Lord of flames and Conflagration of Chaos as golden traits.

Here is my armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Bluedemon/advanced

Normally i use Soul Conduit as a talent.


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It's hard to tell by that short of a fight, as well as your link not seeming to be correct. I can however say that your average hits on all of your skills seems to be half of mine.. My chaos bolts hit for 400-600k. I have 860 gear, but I remember seeing around 400-500k since like day one of 110.

For most dungeon stuff I use http://us.battle.net/wow/en/tool/talent-calculator#Vb!0000220 these talents, and I immoate > conflag > chaos > incin > chaos.. and and afterwards I use conflag on cooldown, and never cast chaos bolts without first using conflag (for the backdraft buff).. with this spec you should do great aoe numbers.. make sure to always have havoc up on something and blow stuff up. This spec is a little behind in ST than a ST destro build (basically just switching to service and conduit) but the aoe is what will make your runs go much faster. Most of the raid bosses are 2+ targets so this build works well there too.

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Hi Rondelica,

first of all, you got way too much mastery and no haste.
Try to  play with roaring blaze-->Haste is your main stat, the cooldown of your  Conflagrate is important-->more dmg forImmolate !

Why are you using a Versatility Trinked=crap for all warlock specc´s.
You have to change your versatility mastery  ring into a haste/krit  or haste/mastery ring (eye of azhara).
Your neck has to be changed too, Krit and Haste needed!

Try to farm some mythic´s for HASTE gear and your dmg will increase.

Sorry, my English is a bit rusty :)


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Huge issue for you Rondelica is actually a lack of casts. Sometimes we have to move and sometimes we do not have something to cast but you have multiple significant gaps on every single fight. You were in LFR as well and yeah the movement, if required at all, is far less there than other difficulties.

So I advise you to have a good think before every boss fight and ask yourself some questions. When/why will I have to move? How far? Can I perhaps make use of my gateway or Circle? If I do move what should I cast? Where can I position myself to make the movement the least? Do I really have to move? (I'm not saying sit in fire but do not move if you really do not have to). If there's planned movement coming up (think Ursoc) then start staggering your movement on your instants.

Now it is possible you are actually sitting still and not casting and so learn and follow your priority. Practice until you never have to think about your rotation at all. 

Second big issue on the LFR kills that I cannot actually find your pet damage from your regular constant imp. Did you have one out? That is at least 8% damage lost right there.

If you have the Lord of the Flames debuff go back to your Doomguard (unless there's a lot of targets that will live for a long time but can't say I ever use my Infernal).

Sometimes, too early Immolate refreshes, do you know about pandemic? Watch your Immolate uptime a little better (sometimes it's good).

Missed Conflag casts (aka you were capped). Perhaps missed Rifts but this is harder for me to calculate. Dump all before the end of the fight.

On multi target if you want to excel you really need to learn how to Havoc properly and you will usually find Wreck Havoc better DPS if there are regular adds. Perhaps GoSac as well (dungeons especially as a constant flow of mobs and AoE) but that is debatable and you may find at this point a regular pet serves you better if you are not casting enough. Test and see.

Missed GoServ casts. 

Roaring Blaze perhaps is more DPS however I think it takes more attention to use it correctly and hence might not be a good choice for you at this point in time. Try both and see what works for you. You were using Backdraft right? If so do not cast Conflag back to back. You lose the length of buff. Play and see what it does :)

And I assuming you were logging so please turn in advanced combat logging. I imagine you were probably capped on shards a lot too but it does not show that. Ideally CB on 4, don't get to 5 as you will miss shards.

Oh and your haste is WAY WAY too low and your mastery WAY too high. There's a lot of numbers thrown about but it seems 28-30% haste is a good aim and then diverge a bit more into different stats.

This should give you a good start. Good luck. 

Disclaimer: Always may be errors.

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First of all thanks for responding!


So far not much luck on the right gear, i am aware about my bad stats. For now anything that has a higher ilvl i will equip it, i think i have not much choice there. 


Yes i reconize my movement problem but in some fights i have to move so often that i need to interrupt my own casts, very ennoying, sometimes i dont even have a chance to cast and have to move again that can explain my gaps. For example the third and fourth boss in eye of azshara is one of the bosses where i fail with propper dps after popping cooldowns it will move back from 210k to atleast 160k and thats a huge fail on my part. 

I have always my regular imp with me. i dont know why it is not logged in the combatlogs. 

I try now to use my rifts when i have to move, sometimes i use all 3 stacks in the opener. And i am still learning to use havoc but targeting is for me a problem, normally i use Soul conduit and forget about Havoc. I am not good at mutli targeting fights so i perfer to focus on single target. 

And further i have tried a couple talents. When i had ilvl 835 i tested Shadowburn, Cataclysm, GrimSac and Wreak Havoc  and i tested Roaring Blaze, Reverse Entropy, GrimServ and Soul Conduit it seems that i had in that time a 10k dps increase with GrimSac (the first talent combo), but i prefer single target focus so i chose for GrimServ after all.

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There's some very basic errors which I am sure you are probably aware of so it's more of a practice thing. Hit those dummies. Even for 3 minutes say 5 times a day and you should soon see a definite improvement. Then get into LFR as often as you can.

Still can't see your regular pet damage and I don't think it's an advanced combat only so not sure what is happening there. Check that he is actually on assist and casting firebolts and not passive.

Don't use an Infernal when you have your Lord of the Flames debuff (it lasts 10 minutes so you use that once per fight ideally with BL/hero and then go Doomguard the rest).

No Conflag until 6 minutes in hence my dummy comment above.

Overall it seems better with less gaps but no casts for 20 seconds at one point, 14 secs another, 11 second again. No one should ever have to move for more than say 3 seconds maybe and still you should have an instant. Actually if you get the second dream then yes you may have to soak pools depending on your group but this towards the start. 

Work on your opener (on the dummies so you can do it without thinking). Check a couple of guides to see what you should be doing but I think that you should burst to 3 times what you are now (actually you don't use potions so maybe not this high but you should have a big damage peak here and you do not).

Learn to Havoc. This is where Destro shines. It's pretty weak on single target, do not rely on that only. 

Too many Immolates.

Not enough CBs (this really should be your highest source of damage), Conflags, Incinerates, Doomguards, GoServs.

Rifts are maybe ok. Don't end the fight with any.

I think you changed talents so I really would advise sticking with Backdraft for now. Roaring Blaze takes too much focus to use it correctly and you will lose DPS with that at the moment if you don't stack Conflag properly and cast Immolate too early which overwrites your buff.  

You were using Fire & Brimstone? Eradication is much better for this fight. For all fights I think in EN. Even better when you get the double bonus with Havoc.

Go read. Go practice. It needs to be second nature so when you have to move or watch for an ability coming up your rotation keeps going perfect. 

Good luck 

Always may be errors.

Edited to add: How is your UI? Do you use a good addon? Such as Weak Auras. A good UI will help you so much. Take a screenshot in combat (on a dummy is fine).

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