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Unholy DK Stat question help needed

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hey fellow dk players so i have a question on the stat % needed

so with my current gear without legendary ofcourse my stats are as listed

Picture also included for stat %

Critical Strike 35% 10,455 [+29.87%]

Haste 18% 5,952 [+18.31%]

Mastery 28% 1478 [+9.50%]

My question is this ... If i'm comfortable with my haste as it is now should i work on more mastery say towards 50% or should i split stat prio between crit and mastery with keeping haste at around 18 - 20%?


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I think that it depends on the build that you want to use, and that you feel more rewarding.

For example im following Worgen: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Aajr1zPpQTNV9Z3x#fight=5&type=summary&source=20

He uses Unholy Frenzy instead of the Castigator build, so he goes for different stats. I believe that legendaries also come to play for the stats purpose...


Hope it helps, in warcraft logs you can find many good players and try to understand their stats.

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ehhh frankly after 30% ish crit you hit bad diminishing returns, your stats are pretty good, so i'd say keep haste and crit where they are at and invest more in mastery. even then the way unholy scales you won't see huge dps returns on mastery but its the best way to move forward in your situation

also zef that guy is a terrible guideline, he has 2 legendaries XD possession of legendary does change up what talents are optimal or just what are now giving some benefit. So unholy frenzy pairs nicely with specific legendaries but not so much itself. So, that individual will have a very augmented playstyle. Also we must hate him for getting so many legendaries on same toon :P

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